PUBG: Basic Tips and Guide to Getting Started

Today, we will discuss how to “start” a game of PUBG. Be careful when you say well, it’s relative! You will quickly learn that once you drop your parachute and run to your first loot area that sometimes it is filled with guns, helmet lvl1, AKM ammunition. Go to Cryptocheats for game hacks.


The lobby

Here, place to tests! Weapons hang out everywhere and you can give them to heart to your little comrades, they will not take damage. Once the lobby is filled, a hundred players maximum, a countdown of one-minute starts. A minute later, you are teleported in a cargo plane with all your friends ready to pick flowers.Visit Cryptocheats for game hacks.

The plane

Once in the plane, you can admire the landscape in third person view or contemplate the stoic face of your opponents in the first-person plane. This is the moment to open your map and think of your destination according to the trajectory of the plane. Do not worry he will not feign you, he is always in a straight line.

The drop

“GO! GO! GO! Press F and eject from the plane. You are now hovering. If you look down you will notice on the left that your speed is increasing. Conversely looking to the heavens will make you fall less quickly, but you can go further. Did you choose your area? What do you want to do?

Do you want to break everything?

Jump from the beginning of the plane, there is often a pack of people who eject early. Especially when the plane passes over areas with high loot like Sosnovka Military Base, Georgopol and Mylta Power.

Do you want to look like Rambo?

Try to take areas a little further away from the path of the plane. Do not hesitate to land outside cities, get a vehicle and go to the other end of the map to loot in peace.

So, it begins …

That’s it? You have dismounted? Now you have to run and stuff yourself as they say in jargon. Nothing is useless! Take the first weapon you find, you will thank us when you meet at the corner of a street Jean-Bob who wants to make you skin. Each weapon has improvements like silencers, XXL chargers, glasses … You also need to pick up bags, helmets and vests.

A small list to help you with these items:

Helmets: you put it on your head and it protects you .. the head! You are not immune to a good old family headshot. Only the helmet level 3 can protect you (once or twice).

Bags: 3 levels also. The higher the level, the more objects you can carry: logical!

Bulletproof vests: re-re-belote and do I really need to explain how it works?

Care: bandages, first aid kit, emergency bag or magic kit like that will get you back to 100% in an instant. It should be noted that bandages and kits will only restore you to 75% of your health. For the remaining 25% you will need a boost.

Boosts: in the form of painkillers and energy drinks (it is very similar to Red Bull for that matter) that will allow you to run faster and therefore, as said before, to gradually regenerate your health points.

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