3 Hot Trends for Web Designers

Eager to see what all of the other website designers are working on at the moment? We’ve put together three key trends that have popped up recently and explained why they are so popular right now. So here’s what’s trending in web design at the moment:

1. Rainbows

Now, it’s not what you’re thinking. It’s not tacky, bold, rainbow icons. It’s pastels, glowing typography and gentle hues that resemble a natural rainbow occurring in nature. Don’t even consider the garish, typical rainbow designs that are much less than easy on the eyes. Think simple…just the right amount of rainbow to create an impact.  The rainbow trend looks especially impactful on a dark or bright, white background, particularly in it’s natural, gradient form.

2. Goodbye, Hero

As it turns out, the classic hero image that has been a staple feature in web page design for such a long time, is actually on it’s way out. More and more web designers are opting to step out of the comfort zone and use a more minimal design.  The trend of omitting the hero image seems to coincide with a trend to use a white header instead, with smaller, moving elements being favoured by some web designers the industry. There are some mixed reviews on this one, as some believe that it lacks a focal point and a clear sense of direction for the user to take.

Who knows what the trend will evolve into, as it’s still relatively new, but any new trend for website design is likely to evolve rapidly. One huge positive of the lack of hero header images is that the minimalistic look does surprise and delight users. They’re simply not expecting it. And sometimes it’s nice to see something fresh and new. So keep an eye out for this trend, because the jury is still out!

3. Dark Animated Patterns

Our favourite recent trend is the use of dark, animated effects layered on dark backgrounds. The combination of dark on dark alludes to an air of mystery, and can be a great choice for a truly standout web page.

This trend can be used in a whole variety of different ways. All different types of animations and sizes can be used. The mysterious, dark on dark colour combination can be genuinely interesting visually. They can also contain interactive elements that increase curiosity of the user.

Overall, they’re a really interesting design element but they do have some challenges also. Not all users are interested in a dark, moody theme, and these designs look better on desktop and larger screens than on mobile devices, which we all know are on the upward trend in terms of usage.  Consider all of the positives and negatives before using this trend.

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