4 Golden Reasons to Improve your SEO Ranking

Search engine optimization has to do with the way your websites and blogs are seen when entered for search on any major search engine. With respect to your niche, activities of your site and topics you write on, SEO make its achievable for you and helps you get seen when a searcher types in keywords pertaining the contained contents. On the off chance that you’re unable to be seen or found in any related keyword, then it is assumed that your blog or site might be suffering from low SEO rankings and requires improvement.


Without further ado, I’m convinced you’ve once queried Google search engine asking one question or the other in the past, more so, it’s also factual you were showed successions of results up to ten or more.

Hell yea! In a short explication, all of the first ten options that popped out at the point of execution of the assigned task on search engine are top SEO rankers for your search. This is simply the way your sites are found by a few other people on organic searches.

Now if your websites are not making any positive improvements in any of the major search engines, then it should be assumed that you still have a lot of unturned stones behind. Hence, the need to start fixing up issues to get better rankings faster.

Here are the four golden reasons why you’d better done something in order to stop losing your audience and website visitors to competitors.

SEO Ranking gives your Website Exposure

I don’t really know how others see it, but I can really beat my chest to tell you the count of loses you’re missing on each hour over the major search consoles – with respect to the number of entries made daily. The fact is this, if your websites are not receiving traffic from search engines, then what/where else could your source of traffic be? You’d perhaps be spending thousands of bucks on traffic generations through paid ads like PPC, Adwords, Promotions etc on a monthly basis. Which is not good and wise for an unhealthy website.

SEO Ranking fetches you Traffic

Traffic acquisition is certainly one of the chief aims why set up a website, blog, ecommerce online store, online portal, portfolio…name it. How awful would it be that you’ve a website where no one visits, not to mention relax for a while to see what you’ve to offer.

SEO Ranking Helps Save Money

I’m pretty aware that no successful website owner or blogger would spend money advertising and promoting a website with over 500,000 thousand monthly viewers. It’s certainly not possible and I don’t think it would. This is the beauty of SEO ranking, it’s an asset — “Something that puts money in your pocket/coffer”, while poor SEO ranking is a liability — “Something that takes away money from your pocket”.

SEO Ranking Helps Drives Sales

Once you’ve built or done the groundwork for your website – it’s win-win all the way. In the event that you’re running an online business or ecommerce store, chances are that you’d be able to record hundreds if not thousands of sales on a daily basis. A feat many ecommerce businesses would never achieve even with the combination of paid website sponsorship and search traffic.


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