5 Apps That You Can Use for An Easier Mortgage Loan Application

In the past, searching or applying for a new home can be painstakingly difficult. If you are in the city, you would need to spend countless hours reviewing home listings and looking for houses that meet your criteria. Although real estate agents proved helpful, first-time homebuyers usually struggled upon their set standards.

5 Apps That You Can Use for An Easier Mortgage Loan Application

Today, technology has changed the landscape of the mortgage loan application, such as in the case of mortgage loans houston tx. One no longer needs to scribble across endless pages. You could tap a click, and you’ll get to see well-arranged and structured options online.

Also, numerous apps have been developed to help you with your mortgage application. You can also make use of some of these to monitor your loan status! Here are some of them.

1. Mortgages Pro

Mortgages Pro presents new homeowners with a clear and engaging view of their home loans. You can enter your home’s given rate, initial payment, loan duration, property tax price, insurance costs, and other relevant expenditures. Each of these prices can be modified to adjust with tax changes and varying costs over time. The app also runs on iOS 3.0, making it compatible with most Apple gadgets.

2. Mortgage Payoff Track

Mortgage Payoff Track aids in putting the amortization process into an explicit, visual scene. It has various charts and graphs to present depictions of the lowered principal balance on a given mortgage. It is especially helpful for homeowners who want to stage celebrations for their small victories.  The app can also be used in projecting possibilities such as calculating interest savings. It is a free app that can also function on PCs.

3. Mortgage Mentor

Mortgage Mentor helps give real-time tracking analysis of out-year payments on variable-rate mortgages. It is also useful as a planning tool, especially with a dynamic interface that lets customers modify the variables. It eventually determines the end cost of their home loans. Mortgage Mentor boasts of PMI calculations and has integrated functions for 3/1, 5/1, and 7/1 ARM mortgages. The app is also available on Android devices.  You may try it out for mortgage loans houston tx.

Mortgage Mentor


4. Bill Payment Log

Bill Payment Log is not just used for tracking and monitoring mortgage payments. It can also be used to assess and present pictures of any credit facility. An essential feature of this app is that it can do multiple loans at once. It is popular among homeowners who lack time or interest to review their obligations in an analog checkbook continually. It is also a free app and can work well with various iOS platforms. It has a similar version which can be installed in Android devices and Windows computers.

5. Loan Calculator Pro

Local Calculator Pro functions similarly with Mortgage Mentor and Mortgage Payoff Track. But its unique feature lies on its ability to remind users of crucial monthly payments. The homeowners can also use it to select specific future dates on which they would purchase their homes and own it right away. The app does have a major downside. It can hardly record down payments but it is compatible with most iOS 3.0.

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