5 social media practices that will boost your online business success

It’s no doubt that since the evolution of social media, businesses have seen tremendous growth in terms of customers and sales. Social media offers a behemoth of benefits but to take advantage of them; one has to be aware of several hacks outlined in this article.

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Outlined below are five practices that will see an increase in traffic to your site and boost sales. Read through them, retain them in your brain, and practice them every day, and ultimately, you will watch your business grow consistently.

  1. Post content on a daily basis

It has been proven that posting content on social media platforms regularly (preferably daily) increases sales. Adapting consistency will increase engagement levels which in return leads people to your site. The frequency of posting, however, will depend on the platform you use.

In case you are using Facebook, post at least once a day. If you are using twitter post at least 5-6 times a day. Why is this? It is because audiences react differently to different posting frequencies on various social media sites.

  1. Use images

This is the new language on social media. Using images, infographics and videos make your post more appealing; hence increasing engagement. Employing the use of pictures on text-based announcements will significantly increase click-through.

  1. Increase customer base

Reaching out to new followers or subscribers is a sure way of getting more traffic to your site. One creative way to do this is to use paid ads on Twitter and Facebook, a technique that increases followers and likes. Also, you can promote sites that you are sure will award you with quality backlinks, which might drive massive traffic to your site.

You can also embed social buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on your website. This will see you increase impressions on the said social media platforms leading to more likes and followers.

  1. Automation

Some of the tasks that take you hours can efficiently be completed fast if automated. These tasks include sending emails, posting of updates and sending SMS to your customers. Some tools help you schedule your social media postings and automatically upload them when the time comes such as Swayy and Buffer. The reason why these two tools are worth a mention is that you can use them for any social media platform.

  1. Be always updated

Each month, social media platforms review their guidelines and employ changes. These changes can either harm or benefit your business. For example, Facebook decreased the number of people who can get updates from your campaigns. By being on the loop with the latest updates, you will be able only to post relevant information that targets a specific niche. Instead of displaying content that will not benefit your business at the end of the day.

The above are easy-to-apply practices that can see your business increase its revenue through social media use. Take advantage of them when you can. It is also important to always set aside some minutes to brainstorm so that you can come up with ideas that are tailored to your business.

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