Advantages of having a USB 3.0 Hub

Nowadays, technological devices have combined the way to connect one device to another one. The USB port is now the most used choice to connect or charge any device. Whether you have a Smartphone, a Tablet, or a PC, you will connect them all through this system.

Dodocool has released a modern USB Hub named USB 3.0 Hub. This one brings many new specifications that make it perfect to connect it to almost any device. It’s compatible with a lot of models that we will say later on.

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As we know, most PCs or Laptops count with no more than 3 USB ports. This is an issue because accessories such as the mouse and the keyboard are being connected through this system. At the end, we ended up with too many devices and too little ports.

Thanks to the USB 3.0 Hub we can now connect more than 4 devices in 4 different ports. This USB Hub allows you to expand the number of connections you want to have. It is a product so innovating and modern that everyone is trying to get one or already has one.

They are highly recommended by every consumer that has had the opportunity of purchasing one in the past.


Benefits of the USB Hub

As we already mentioned, this Dodocool product is compatible with many devices and diverse models. We can add that is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. If you own a Mac OX X operating system, you won’t have any problem because it will also work perfectly for it.

The USB 3.0 Hub comes in 3 different colors: white, black, and grey. Normally, it comes with more than 3 different USB ports. The one on Dodocool has 3 USB ports, 1 Gigabit Ethernet port, and 1 chargeable USB C PD port. There you have 5 different entries or ports. You can check the different models in hubs

More detailed specifications

The USB Hub that Dodocool offer can transfer the data very fast; it can transfer it at 5 Gbps! In addition, the Ethernet port allows you to connect to the internet without having to take into consideration a Wi-Fi connection.

We must add that, sadly, this USB Hub is not compatible with some Samsung or ASUS devices. If you own one of these brands and want to acquire a USB 3.0 Hub first you have to check for the detail specifications and see if your device is compatible or not.

It is also pertinent to say that, thanks to the use of high technology in the creation of this device, it is not only compatible with many other devices; it also does not need any driver to make it work on your PC, laptop, or Smartphone.

The product also comes with a manual of instruction that will make it easier for you to install it and use it. The manual comes in many languages, just search the one you need.


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