Advantages of Sales Force Automation Systems

The software for sales force automation (or, as it is often called, SFA) includes the programs, which automate a number of business tasks and goals. Such systems automate the process of sales, inventory control, tracking of customer management, and analysis of sales forecasts. Applying to SFA systems, businesses can make use of custom versions worked out especially for their needs, or choose from the ready software products.


The advantages of sales force automation software are that they provide an overall control over the entire journey of the buyer, from their acquisition to repeat sales. Such programs solve a number of problems increasingly fast. That is why, they are becoming so popular among businesses. One of these systems is bpm’online. Let us get a closer look at all the benefits of such solutions.

Advantages of Sales Force Automation Programs

Time Saving

Such systems are a perfect tools for automation of important and time-consuming tasks. In particular, CRM-oriented products from bpm’online are often used for scheduling business appointments, sending follow-up letters, updating market expectations and contact tracking. The advantages of such automation systems are that they help salespeople generate estimates and easily turn the obtained information into proposals, price quotes, and purchase orders. Besides, these platforms allow the whole sales staff access to order data, therefore they can immediately inform the consumers about an order’s arrival or potential holdup. If a client contacts the sales reps with questions about their order, the assistant will have all the necessary information at their fingertips.

Improvement of Customer Service

Being an indispensable part of CRM programs, SFA systems eliminate the most common reasons for the clients’ dissatisfaction. This is done by means of creating a centralized depository of each person’s data. These platforms are aimed at integrating marketing, sales and client service for the purpose of getting holistic approach of the customer relationship. For instance, even if your fines sales representative has quitted their job, you will need much less ramp-up time for the new assistant to start their work. Everything in your team will be done faster and better, which is the guarantee of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Revenue Increasing

When salespeople get free from the day-to-day support routine, they feel empowered to make sales calls, look for new clients, and be more attentive with each buyer. The important advantages of sales force automation platforms are that they help the company’s team find new sources of income. The salespeople can set aside more time to monitor the consumers’ accounts and determine the ones, who deliver the most profits to the business. Equipped with this data, the sales team can start a targeted campaign, in which the actual products or services will be offered in accordance with the clients’ purchasing history. Moreover, the company’s staff will be able to up-sell or cross-sell relevant goods and services during communication with the buyer.

Opportunity Management

Under current conditions, it is very important for every business to keep a close eye on its sales competitors. The systems of SFA are equipped with the functions of competitive intelligence, which allow companies to keep an eye on their rivals’ work. Having obtained actual data from online enquiries or internet visits, the representatives can easily choose the best solution for strategic follow-up with the increased possibility of conversion. The list of advantages of sales force automation platforms includes the presence of special tools that allow salespeople to monitor their potential clients. Using such applications, businesses can analyze the efficiency of each visit or phone conversation. Salespeople have the unique opportunity to combine marketing materials and research records from other sources with the SFA application for the purpose of being better-equipped.

One more item in the list of advantages of sales force automation is management of sales teams. Using SFA platforms, salesmen can forget about day-to-day calculation of sales-call sheets. The information about each employee’s activities, opportunities, achievements, and failures is easily accessible at all times. In result, the management of the sales representatives’ workflow becomes extremely simple, as well as assessment of their success and sales revenue. Modern SFA systems are integrated with mapping apps and web sites, so that the salespeople can attain pinpoint accuracy in any parts of the world. Moreover, the management will be able to assign tasks and opportunities to the sales representatives. In turn, your sales team will be more structured, which will lead to increased profits in record time.

Overall, the advantages of sales force automation are apparent and most modern businesses are successfully using the opportunities of such platforms.


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