An Updated Simple Multichannel Marketing Strategy For 2018

Multichannel Marketing

Reaching new customers has become more complex today compared to some years ago. As new platforms and channels keep on emerging, consumers are given greater choices and are subsequently demanding greater attention from brands. To respond to this demand, the concept of multichannel digital marketing is gaining even more traction; brands and agencies have understood that one-off campaigns targeting potential customers on only one channel at a time no serves the purpose.

Key touchpoints for implementing an efficient multichannel marketing in 2018

To maximize opportunities to interact with prospective clients, digital marketers know that they should implement a unique strategy across multiple seamless channels simultaneously. In this light, it is crucial to devise a consistent brand message as well as an unswerving quality of content, service, and customer experience cutting across all channels. The goal is to offer customers or potential clients a sense of familiarity at every level of the sales funnel.

To generate higher conversion rates in 2018, a wider net of orchestrated touch-points is recommended. Even if coordinating multiple channels may seem daunting and expensive, the following methods may be implemented with a low budget as well.

Social media and content

Social media Download Showbox for Android is a vital tool that can be used throughout various steps in a marketing strategy. Paired with solid content, they are a fantastic tool to grasp the attention of potential clients as well as leading new customers down the sales funnel. It is critical to tailor content to the desires and needs of the targeted clientele. Direct advertisement of products should be avoided. Instead, the content should cover topics of interest to potential clients and ultimately lead to the page of the product.

Those running an e-commerce will find the Dynamic Product Ads really helpful to automatically promote products to those people who have shown interest “on your website, in your app or elsewhere on the internet,” according to Facebook. A product catalog may even be uploaded to the social media platform while setting up a campaign.

Emails are not outdated

Even if social media is very effective, emails have been proven to be most effective when retargeting potential clients. However, the content being shared should be aligned with both their interests and the overall campaign message.

AdWords cut across various levels

AdWords campaigns can be designed to work at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. AdWords Ad Extensions are much appreciated by witty marketers to incorporate interactive and clickable information on the very top of the ad, such as phone numbers, coupons, or text message extensions. These extensions can drastically slash the number of steps in a sales funnel.

SMS messaging

SMS is an increasingly popular means to lead consumers further down the sales funnel. Not saturated yet and offering a much more intimate environment than social networks, SMS marketing can be used to build trust with customers or potential clients. SMS campaigns are also available, such as Autopilot and TextMagic. It has been demonstrated that text message opens are as high as 99% among mobile users. SMS can lead to a powerful next step which consists in asking for permission to set up a phone call to carry on the conversation.

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