Areas to monitor on social media

Among the several social media platforms present today with millions of messages being sent everyday on each social media, the people are getting involved into conversations related to your brand. If you are listening to them carefully, you need to respond to them as well.

social media

To make the most out of the conversations of the public, it is very important to incorporate social listening in telecom and monitoring into the social strategy methods.

The social media monitoring or the social media listening, this is almost the same but still having slight differences, mainly refers to a sophisticated process which is used by the marketers in order to find out the appropriate and significant conversations taking place about their brand or within the category of their product. Social media monitoring and listening has become very popular in the marketing process of social media today.

Having the right strategy and tools in order, is very important to think about what has to be monitored on orm for telecom. The important areas that need to be focused on are as follows:

  1. Considering the brand terms is extremely important for any organizations. Most of the people out there might mention your product or brand but forget @ or # signs. Some of them wisely use the search operators to find the conversations that may have fallen off the line. Keep your eye on the product names and the common spelling mistakes to increase your scope.
  2. To find out the customers who have shown their intention of purchasing your brand product but have not mentioned your brand or product name you can monitor the brand adjacent terms. A brand adjacent term can be easily used by the people to look up for the brand. Like for example, a hotel company would monitor for “best destinations to stay’ or an educational institution would monitor “best schools or colleges. It can often be awkward to converse with people who haven’t actually mentioned your brand but the right strategy of messaging can give useful insights. You can also use internal data to find the non-brand keywords that are generally used by the people in order to find your brand.
  3. Nowadays, most of the people are taking the help of the social media platforms in the first place in order to get answers. It has also been seen that the number of social messages which requires the response of a brand has increased to great extent. But still quite a few of them go unanswered. It is not enough to just listen to your followers actively but you also have to engage yourself into a more useful, meaningful and more of a two way communication and provide good answers to the questions of the people.
  4. Getting the honest feedback from the people is also important. So, try to gather the useful feedback from the people who are interested in the brand. Monitoring for the sentiments of the public provides a useful insight into the contents, products and the pricing.

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