Avoiding Small Business Mistakes by Preparing for Interviews

When it comes to the best online reputation management companies, they are usually small teams and startups therefore there are different ways to structure job interviews in order to avoid bias. When it comes to any job interview, this can be a tricky task. It is important to keep the company’s culture alive along with their values. When you have a handful of individuals, just hiring one new person can have a massive impact on the company especially the structure of the company.

You need to figure out your company values

Knowing your company values is very important since new employees want to know what kind of environment they want to be coming into. It is important to prepare them ahead of time and let them know the company values and culture to see if they would fit in and feel interested to work there.

Structure the questions

When it comes to interviews, the interviewee is always supposed to prepare but the interviewer needs to prepare just as much. It is important to structure the questions and starting off with a simple getting to know the candidate so that they feel a little less nervous initially.

Let people disagree

It is also important to let people disagree when it comes to certain decisions made in the workplace. It is normal to not be okay with every little decision that goes on therefore when you are a small team, it is okay that people disagree with you. You need to always look for employees with diversity in mind and who can be a great asset to your team.

Always go for a culture add and not a culture fit

Oftentimes when hiring, you often look for individuals who will fit into your company’s values and culture instead of finding an individual who can add to the company culture. For example, this means to hire people who are different from those internally in order to take on different approaches to certain projects.

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