Clear Understanding Of Energy Efficient Refrigerators

Clear Understanding Of Energy Efficient Refrigerators

Refrigerator runs throughout the year. Therefore, efficiency of refrigerator is something that one must consider when buying a refrigerator. With better energy efficient kitchen appliances, you can save a lot of money on your bills.

The question here is how will you know whether the refrigerator is energy efficient or not as claimed by the brand. In this article, we’ll give you a little insight about how to calculate refrigerator efficiency? A clear understanding can be helpful to select a better energy efficient fridge.

Same reasoning

First triple door models are not offered BEE star rating. Capacity of triple and double doors is pretty much the same, but if you are primarily looking for energy efficiency, then you must rule out the triple door models. Same logic must be applied for the fridges with side-by-side doors.

Side-by-side door refrigerator is a big unit meant for families with more than 4 people. There is no option of this kind of capacity in double door units. Therefore, on energy efficiency basis, you can buy Samsung or Godrej side-by-side model, it makes sense.

New models are more efficient

Refrigerators consume more energy as they age. Every ten years, you need to replace your fridge, even if it is a 5-star rated unit. Today, it is rated 2-star because there has been dramatic enhancement inside the new models. Energy star refrigerators use minimal of 20% less electricity than the average legal requirements and 40% lesser than the conventional 2001 models.

Consider two price tags

While buying a refrigerator you need to consider two price tags – the initial price and the operation cost.

  1. The purchase price is actually the down payment. Energy efficient models are significantly expensive but can be better for value. Current design changes comprise of more efficient compressors and better insulation.
  2. Operation cost over the lifetime means the monthly bills you will pay to run the refrigerator for more than 10 years. There is an EnergyGuide yellow label, which shows how much energy the model consumes yearly [given in kWh]. Compare energy use and operation cost with other models of same configuration and size. The solution is simple more energy used means more operation cost.

You may discover that one models purchase price is more but it can cost you less for lifetime operation. Therefore compare both price tags of similar size models on to make an ideal selection.

Inverter technology the latest definition of energy efficiency

The new models are equipped with latest inverter technology that operates on variable load capacity. Compressor is the heart or cooling engine in a fridge. Regular refrigerators operate on fixed engine capacity. The fridge needs limited cooling when the space inside is partially filled with food or empty or in winter. Regular refrigerator work on full engine, which clearly exhibits energy loss.

On the other hand, inverter technology is equipped with variable capacity compressor. It is flexible. Depending on load, compressor’s operating capacity differs. When fridge is partially full or empty or in winter, engine operates at low capacity. Thus less energy gets used. In summer, the engine runs at high capacity.

Other aspects that make refrigerator energy efficient

Heavy door hinges create good seal and prevents cool air to escape. For freezer on top check for ‘energy saver’ switch. In this mode, ‘anti-sweat’ heaters turn off and reduce energy consumption of 5% – 10%. The ‘anti-sweat’ heaters are responsible to decrease moisture between fresh food compartment and freezer, during humid climate but not necessary all the year round.

Energy star labels lower 2nd price tag that is a payback for the initial high price you paid. So, choose wisely.

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