Digital Elevator Ads: A new era in the advertising world

Elevator Door

The concept of advertising is quite popular in India although it has scope of improvement. Nowadays elevator advertising is getting recognition in the field of marketing which targets only a specific audience. The target audience is mostly the people who travel in an elevator and the brands which get advertised are mostly present in an around the vicinity of the elevator. Mostly the lift door advertising is in a shopping complex/mall, residential apartment, corporate building etc. The brands advertising in a lift can get advantage from this as it can grab the consumer’s attention by innovative and creative ads.

The time spend in an elevator is the most wasted time of the day. Keeping this in mind, the advertising agencies are utilising elevator advertising.

The advantages of elevator advertising

  • The people present inside the lift look for sources of entertainment and information as they have nothing else to do.
  • The time period one stays inside the lift is exclusive as there is nothing to distract.
  • The residents or the shoppers use the elevator for quite a few times, so the recall rate of the advertising is much more than any other media.
  • The creativity and the imagination inputted in the ads can attract the attention and can create a higher retention of the brands.

Reasons for growth

Elevators have started to become one standard feature in apartment complexes. This can be a place to tell the consumers about the recent offers or new outlets nearby.

The main purchasers of elevators arethe malls, the real estate developers, the hospitalsand the infrastructure companies for airports and metros.Digital screens are very common these days in these public places. Digital elevator ads on the LCD screens in gyms, restaurants, malls and colleges are achieving new heights.The digital screens are static in nature and it provides the advertisements mostly in a loop. Digital advertising inside an elevator if implemented are changing the face of out of home advertising.

Benefits of Digital Advertising

  • Digital elevator ads are very interactive in nature and can help the brand a lot in interaction.
  • It is quite an innovative medium of advertising.
  • It converts the process of communication into a two way method with consumer.
  • It provides the customers a one stop destination for information.
  • It entertains the consumers in the lift as well as can change the awkward moments into informative one.

Drawbacks of Digital Advertising

  • Digital screens are expensive in installation, maintenance and safeguard.
  • The consumer’s attention may not be constant to the digital screen inside an elevator
  • It can be irritating for the user if any audio is played inside an elevator.
  • The screen’s visibility might be doubtful and depends on the crowd present.

Lift door advertising is used by lifestyle and clothing brands as they have a high recall due to the offers and promotions in the stores. They mostly use elevator ads to advertise schemes and the launch of a new collection. Digital elevator ads didn’t exist a few years ago but now it is the most effective and trending.

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