Does My Website Need A Dedicated Web Server?

Currently, every single business or brand has a website or hosts one. If a company or a business rents the exclusive use of a computer that also includes a web server, the internet connection and related software, such an arrangement is termed as a web server. This typically includes other features such as:

  • Some amount of memory space
  • Some amount of hard-disk space
  • Bandwidth (amount of internet or data that is usable or consumable made available to the renter)
  • Capacity to conduct virtual hosting
  • Domain Name systems
  • Email
  • FTTP or File Transfer Protocol

All of these features are usually provided in an easy to use and easy to control interface ensuring that even those who are not fully familiar with technology or with website hosting are comfortable with the operation of these dedicated servers.

For startups too, unmetered dedicated servers work wonders. This is only because as a company that is new, you will not be aware of how much traffic you would end up pulling to your site. Plus, being a new company, you would not want to spend on bandwidth bills, which could be highly unpredictable. There would be tons of other expenses that one would have to worry about as a startup.

Why Do I Need A Cheap Dedicated Server Unmetered?

Well, imagine yourself on a deserted island with a limited amount of resources with some other people that you have to share it with. There is going to be competition for those said resources. Now, if you have access to food or resources that will solely help you or your family on that island, you are likely to capitalize on it. This is the principle behind hiring a dedicated server. More often than not, many websites are criticized for the lag, glitchy behaviour and slow connections. Especially if you are running an e-commerce business, this is likely to significantly impact the success of your project. In such a situation, a dedicated server is an ideal solution. By hiring a cheap dedicated server unmetered, not only can you ensure that your website or your application is not competing with others for much-needed space and bandwidth, but can also capitalize on the expertise and glitch-free experience that many hosting services offer.

If you are in two minds as to whether or not it will be advantageous for you to enlist the help of a dedicated server, think about whether you want your audience to have a seamless and easy experience on your website or if you are okay with them moving to other websites to get things done faster!

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