Factors that Affected the Number of Trending Android Apps

The year has come and finally slipping away at a very faster pace, and we are surely not too quick to be forgetting some of the very few fabulous tech events it left behind. Most especially in the telecommunication or mobile communication industry, coupled with changes and insights in the IT industry as well.


In this article post, it is very obvious that we will strategically be discussing more on Mobile Android Applications technologies and how it has affected the year 2016. Having a thorough view of the industry, while also having an insight on the statistics of some mobile applications that emerged, It’s most obvious that number of android apps that found their way into the market were insignificant compared to the market demand and capacity in whole.

Mobile android applications actually made a very great impression this year, following the massive boom and growth in the mobile application development industry.

Most especially from top IT hubs in the likes India, United States and China.

Some common factors that indefinitely affected the concentration and increase in the number of trending mobile applications in 2016 included the high demand for mobile apps.

Nonetheless, other discerning others includes:

Lack of Trainers

Do you frankly believe with me that the number of mobile android trainers diminished as to compare the previous economic year? Some other famous IT renowned cities weren’t left behind in the hurly burly. Very factual, the number and concentration of these technical instructors has motivated the industry so well beyond unthinkable doubts in the past year.

Mobile Android applications are mostly in demand by personal brands, businesses, companies and commercial establishments – for the fact that mobile android applications are beneficial in marketing and general biz promotion.

Few Android Development Firms

Like we all know, the IT market changes quite very often with regards to the season and trends. A whole lot of companies and Mobile application development companies have been established over the past few months. And these companies have gradually crept into the market to make wonders, developing and crafting amazingly irresistible social and contemporary mobile applications. While some of the already established companies have also created a very suitable place for Mobile Application on their Business platform. This has also affected the growth of trending mobile apps in the year.

Pricing and Market Situation

Market situation contributes the number of mobile android apps released. Should the market be buoyant enough to patronize the services, sales would be obvious. More so, it also depends on the nature of applications in demand by clients and all.

There is definitely no doubt about this, the Mobile Application Industry has been triggered into action with respect to the demand of the market. Let’s consider the pricing also as a determining factor that oversees the whole operation etc.

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