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Would you want to understand how the Internet has changed our lives in the last few decades? In order to elaborate this article we’ve made a comprehensive investigation and then we explain to you the way in which the Internet has altered our lives and altered our customs and daily routines. Continue reading if you want to surprise your self or verify what you already knew about the Internet and current life.

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1. The work has changed

Undoubtedly, with the rise of new technologies and because of the Internet, the operating model has experienced a terrific change in most labour sectors. The standard business sectors that continue to be maintained have undoubtedly benefited by the Internet, integrating all of its potentialities into internal and external communication of the company, the means of performing marketing, etc.. However, in addition, many interesting new business models have been born with the Internet that don’t need a place or even a physical location to function, but are simply created with the network as the primary tool and can be carried out anywhere and everywhere.

2. The purchases are distinct

The way of buying has also transformed. Currently almost everyone acquires all kinds of goods over the Internet with a lot of safety. Even should you not have a lot of time to visit the super, it’s likely to make the purchase at work break out of the office. Certainly, it’s a means to locate the best prices and save a whole lot of money, in addition to saving time when making any purchase.

3. Our kind of amusement Differs

How we amuse ourselves which we now have also changed with the rise of the Internet. When some years ago television has been definitely the most used way of communicating, at current the Internet already surpasses, according to the main studies, the traditional television as a means of entertainment preferred by a huge percentage of people in Europe.


The Internet has changed our lives so much that not the way of relating to us has anything related to this of a few years ago. At present we’re used to establish relationships via instant messaging or email and to interact with different people even though at the precise moment you are in any country or across the opposite side of earth.

5. Communication has been revolutionized

Undeniably the communications thanks to the Internet also change a good deal. Blogs are a terrific online medium to inform all sorts of information and make interesting business models, e-mails have undoubtedly replaced traditional letters and instant messages overcome phone calls with a lot since in most cases it’s also a form of free communicating and considerably more efficient. Now it should also be mentioned that with the rise of the Internet personal relationships are becoming increasingly impersonal and oftentimes the image of a group of people together sitting at the table with no relationship or actual interaction between them continues to be repeated. Them because everyone is speaking on their mobile phone.

6. The data is available to anyone

In the end, it ought to be said that the information due to the Internet was democratized, and with few exceptions, but no doubt a great number of people are able to access all sorts of data they might need without having to resort to the basic encyclopedias, telephone directories etc.,.

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