How Do I Use My AT&T Cellphone with T-Mobile?

It’s possible that because of network coverage, relocation, or any other reason, you may switch to another mobile network operator. And if you are AT&T customer and deciding to switch to T-Mobile, there are some ways that allow you to use your existing AT&T mobile and avail T-Mobile network.


Because both AT&T and T-Mobile use GSMnetwork or Global System Mobile Communication, any user of one of these services can switch to the other carrier without changing the current phone and mobile number. It is very easy and even AT&T tried to merge T-Mobile into its network because it can also provide T-Mobile services through its network. However, a viable alternative is provided by T-Mobile to AT&T customers who want to change their cellular service provider. Try the following steps on how you can use your current AT&T phone with T-Mobile network.

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Procedure to use your AT&T phone after switching to T-Mobile

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Step 1:

First of all, you should check whether your mobile number is eligible to switch to another carrier. T-Mobile offers a tool to check if you can switch your phone to T-Mobile. Simply, go to the online tool enter your phone number and then click on “Check Eligibility” to assess the eligibility. You can check the eligibility of maximum 5 phone numbers at the same time.

Step 2:

Now, you need to choose a plan that you can find on T-Mobile’s website or visit a T-Mobile retail outlet for shopping. You can also call T-Mobile customer service for assistance about various offers and plans and to buy one that suits you.

Step 3:

Once you have chosen a plan, give your current account details to T-Mobile and validate the transfer of service. Once you validate the transfer of service, do not immediately cancel your present service with AT&T because the transfer procedure takes up to two days. Once you request the service transfer during the procedure, T-Mobile will contact AT&T for managing the transfer of service. As soon as the transfer service is complete, you will get a text message for confirmation from T-Mobile of completing the transfer process.

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Get instant help if you have any problem

Being one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, AT&T has its business spread across the country. Not only does it provide different phone offers and deals and local & long-distance phone services, but also it is among the top cable television and Internet service providers. AT&T provides phone from different brands including Samsung, iPhone and other mobile with amazing deals and offers. Further, it has a huge base of cable television services as well as it provides various bundle packages consisting of TV, Internet, and Phone, all included in a single package.

However, at times, when AT&T users encounter technical problems with their device or service, they may fail to find instant help. But they can get instant help with independent AT&T wireless customer service to get rid of all types of ATT mobile issues and problems in no time.

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In addition, one can also get immediate help for issues related to other AT&T services including television, Internet and more. What you need to do is simply dial AT&T wireless phone number to get help & support for resolving your issues. Our tech professionals are available from day to night and they can help you at any point of time. Just dial the tech support phone number and resolve your issues in no time.

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