How Mobile Label Printers Can Help With Your Business

Warehouses and distribution points in today’s fast paced and increasingly strict business world, need to have accuracy and efficiency within their businesses, if they are to survive. Barcoding and most recently RFID systems cannot be done without and they are an essential part of business. These benefits can be further improved upon by utilising mobile printers to attach the above bar codes and RFID labels. Mobile printers help to reduce errors and streamline your operations, so that you can label in places that are just downright inconvenient, to say the least.

Increased Productivity.

Because workers don’t have to travel to pick up labels for use in their Zebra printing machine, it increases their productivity and in most cases, a business will get the return on their investment in their mobile printer device within a year. Mobile printers have cut down the time it takes to label items because there is no need to return to the central printing station every time. When a worker has to return to a central printing point, they are distracted from the job at hand and this is when mistakes are made. They are going to be talking to fellow workers along the way and will probably make wrong data entries due to this distraction.

More Accuracy.

Most modern companies have an inventory control system in place that takes care of their inventory. However, these systems are only as good as the information that is entered into them. Mobile technology like barcode readers, RFID and mobile printers all help to keep the inventory system up-to-date and correct. Cycle counts can be completed when the workers are still in the stock aisles and this improves inventory accuracy. No more running out of safety stock because the results were entered in manually by a distracted worker.

Convenient And Efficient.

 The scope that mobile printers provide can save time and improve accuracy in receiving, packaging, cross docking, shipping and many other parts of the supply and logistics chain. Mobile printers can go anywhere the work needs to go, and there is no need to return to the printing station to print out the labels. In most businesses, workers use their mobile printers with their mobile computers and make sure that the interfaces are installed to ensure convenience and efficiency. Mobile printers can also use a wireless connection to receive prospective printing jobs, as well as labelling formats and other information.

Easy To Put Add Ons.

The printer will have an IP address which means that users can use it to access software products for their network management and security. Wireless network printing is even available if the computer used with the mobile printer, doesn’t have access to a wireless connection. Because of the ease of radio technology, it makes it much easier to add wireless printing to nearly all IT systems. It also provides essential safety, convenience and production advantages that you wouldn’t otherwise get with a normal system.

Mobile and wireless printing offer many additional options regarding labelling. It also offers improved productivity and the reduction of labelling errors that plague most businesses. Look into how mobile printing options can help your business.

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