How to choose a Good CCTV Surveillance Camera System for your Facility

If you have gone through the brochure or details of CCTV surveillance camera, you must have come across number of options, product shots, prices and specifications. In these situations, it becomes difficult as a buyer for anyone to decide, which camera one should go for. This guide will brief you things that you should keep in mind while buying CCTV home camera from in Dubai.


  • Price Consideration

It’s important as a buyer to get the best value for your money. You should try investing in a good quality, entry level and small system that allows you to add more such cameras later on, if required.

It’s important to pay attention to the feature that the product is offering you. Price should be your secondary consideration and you should first try to concentrate on the product quality and features. A well known security company can offer you a good range of cameras made by reliable manufacturers such as CPPlus CCTV.

  • Have A Look At The Warranty

Price is not the only factor determining, which product you should choose. Warranty also plays an important role. A branded camera will offer you warranty of minimum three years while if you go with a local make CCTV camera, there are high chances that it will wear out in 6 months. Therefore, rather than spending two times to buy same product, it’s better to buy it once from a good manufacturer.

  • Check Camera Type

There are various types of cameras available in the market varying from a bullet camera, dome camera, PTZ camera etc. It’s important to have a look at the features, which each of these cameras offer and go as per your requirement. If you want to install it at a large facility and want good coverage, you can buy bullet camera and if it’s required for a small space, dome camera will work equally good.

Also, nowadays, there are various IP and HD (High Definition) cameras that come with excellent features and are embedded with latest technology features. Therefore, you can pick a suitable camera as per your preference.

  • Know Your Requirement

Before going out to market and searching for products, it’s important for you to understand your requirement completely i.e. whether you want camera to see a pedestrian ringing the bell or a vehicle outside the front gateway. Also, the area coverage you require is also an important point to consider. Some cameras cover only up to 50 meters while some others go beyond 160 meters.

  • Understand Camera Capabilities

While buying a camera it’s important to consider its wide angle degree, memory for storage and its lens size. Lens size will determine the area coverage of camera while its storage will determine the videos that can be saved into the camera in one shot. Usually, data storage available in a camera varies from 500 MB to 1 GB.

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