How Video Games are Bettering Lives

Videogames are often seen as a pastime for children – or adults who refuse to grow up! It is seen as a way to invest a lot of time without getting anything in return. In addition, many people believe video games lead to the creation of violent tendencies in players, even though studies have repeatedly demonstrated that it is not true. People also overlook the many benefits that come with playing video games. Can’t think of any? Let us give you a list!

Better Decision-Making and Leadership Skills

Video games require players to quickly respond to stimuli and make the right decisions in a split second. Research has proven that these games enable players to make better and faster decisions in their real lives, since they get a lot of practise at it while playing. This effect is even more pronounced in players of strategy and multi-players games.

Better Hand-Eye Coordination

Since games require people to react quickly to events on the screen, and respond by pressing the right sequence of buttons, research has shown that gamers have greater hand-eye coordination than non-gamers. In fact, in a study, surgeons who played video games before an operation were found to be more precise than ones who hadn’t.

Reduce Stress and Depression

Several studies have shown the positive effects that games have on people who suffer from mental disorders, depression and stress. University College in London conducted a study in 2014 that showed that the time subjects spent playing games was directly linked to their ability to recover from daily stress. There are studies on to see if video games can be used as therapeutic treatment for mental disorders.

Slows down ageing of the brain

Elderly folk who were monitored during a period of time where they played video games regularly were seen to exhibit marked improvements in their abstract reasoning abilities, memory skills, and attention spans. Several nursing homes have set up video games for their elderly patients to play, owing to these studies.

So, now you can enjoy your video game time guilt-free! In the US, there has been a growth in the number of video game users over the years and is consistently growing. With adaptations from movies, comics and even novels and books, the video game industry is just growing at a fast pace.

There are so many different consoles since the early ages of video games and how they have been impacting lives is also very interesting. Retro game consoles like the Nintendo played a very important role for almost every young child around the world and even today there are folks who Still – Luv – NES. So, keep in mind – video games aren’t just a thing for kids. Even elderly folk loves to play video games and even though mobile phones and smartphones are taking over the world, the fun of playing video games on specific consoles is just something that cannot be beat – the whole experience is just exhilarating for young and old alike!

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