How Webmasters Can Save Money On Software

As a webmaster software is expensive to purchase. OK yes, we can purchase a lot of our software as original versions, but what about those that own a small business? Obviously, they may sign up to Majestic SEO, Search Metrics, SEM Rush or MOZ, but what about all the other tools Webmasters need?


There Are Also Some Useful Free Tools For Webmasters

Luckily Google Analytics and Webmasters are free and you can some free information about how well configured your website is using Google Page Insights. Another great tool to use is SEO Quake, which is not a Googe tool, but it is an extension on your browser that tells you more about your website without always having to access your Google Webmasters and Analytics files.

However, even with an army of tools behind you, there will be those jobs that you are writing a proposal for or those website tasks that need to be done, and you just don’t have the budget.

Torrents Can Help You Get The Temporary Software You Need

Think about the internet as a number of complex systems, used by millions of people, working in parallel with each other.

When someone accesses a website, their computer downloads the data they are seeing in front of them from the web page’s central server. This is why a webpage slows down when there are a lot of people visiting the page – the traffic can be too high for it to quickly send data to all the computers that have requested it.

Bring in BitTorrent, which works through what is called a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Protocol. In a BitTorrent, one computer may connect to several other computers to upload and download data at the same time, so that there is no need for the transfer to be centralized from just one server.

How Does This Help webmaster With Their Software Issues?

Torrent sites are full of useful software that you can use for your SEO and webmaster configurations. Not only are there 100s of decent tools on there, but you can also download books for webmasters.

Have you ever heard of the great OMG or the great Grant Cardone?

These guys a are billionaires and their courses cost up to and over $2,000 to buy. If you have a torrent, then sometimes you will find people that have openly shared these hugely expensive courses on a torrent site.

How Do Torrents Work and Are They Safe?

A BitTorrent Client allows your computer to join a swarm of other computers when you request to download a torrent, which you can do through websites such as The client will begin to download this torrentz torrent in little pieces, taking them from many different computers who act as the ‘seeder’ (while you are the ‘leecher’). Once you have downloaded enough parts of the torrent, the BitTorrent client also uses you as a seed, so that other computers are uploading these downloaded parts at the same time as you are downloading the remaining parts.

Even after you have downloaded the whole file, you can choose to continue being a seeder, so that others can continue to download parts of your file. The more seeders there are for a file, the quicker it can be downloaded for others. However, if a file has no seeders at all, it is impossible to download it, as no user in the swarm has a complete version of the file. To counteract this, BitTorrent clients tend to reward users who leave their completed file to seed often, by sending them more data so they can download their future torrents at a faster speed.

Although BitTorrent has commonly been associated with the piracy of music, tv shows, movies, and other media, it serves many other legal purposes as well. A well-known example of this is the gaming company Blizzard, who is responsible for many gaming titles you may have heard of, including World of Warcraft, Diablo 3 and StarCraft II.

Artists who would like to distribute their works for free also tend to utilize BitTorrent, as it is a free method compared to the alternative of paying for web hosting bandwidth. WikiLeaks has also used BitTorrent to help ease the load on their own servers. BitTorrent is also a fantastic way to host live video streaming, something that is being tested by the developers of BitTorrent themselves; BitTorrent, Inc.

This decentralized network has a great deal of potential for huge changes to the way we run things in the future, such as the use of a decentralized network for currency (cryptocurrency), despite its ability to condone pirated and illegal exchange behavior.

If you need software that would otherwisew cost you thousands of pounds or put your budget over its threshold, then torrents are the best way for webnasters to get around this.

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