Mobile Recharge Gets Better Day By Day

For a prepaid mobile subscriber, his mobile recharge can be done either using a browser or an App. Both involve easy and simple steps. Both are customer friendly and fast. The App, of course, because it is customized for performing recharges and payments and stores personalized information locally is faster. There are debates about whether the App is safer or not compared to the browser, as many feel that if used properly and carefully, the App is a much safer than the browser.

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In order to get your mobile recharge done on time every month, download the service provider’s App from an official source. You can also alternately download Apps like the Paytm App, MobiKwik App or PhonePe App – these are payment aggregators and online retailers. If however, you are not too comfortable in using Apps, you can use the browser on your smart phone – just make sure that the browser is updated from time to time.

Using Apps is safer because they prompt for login id and password each time one opens the App. Auto-saving the login details is not advisable, even on your own handset as the application can be breached by unauthorised persons and in the event the phone is lost or misplaced, chances of the App being misused is quite high. To avoid confidential information being attacked in the event the phone is lost or misplaced, people install Apps that enable wiping out all Apps and data from the phone from a remote location.

Make doubly sure that the Apps being downloaded on your mobile devices are either from official links or from reliable sources. Apps can also be designed to act as malware that can leak out your sensitive information and data to a third party without your knowledge. Checking for content quality, privacy related and security related issues is a good way of being sure of the authenticity of the App.

Once you are registered on an App, you can start using it for getting your mobile recharges done. Since Apps are enabled to read your location, there is much lesser data that need to be fed in while using Apps. In fact, from second time onwards, the App will have saved locally the mobile numbers that need to be recharged, the recharge amount and plans etc. Choose the preferred payment mode and your mobile recharge is done in no time. Whether you receive a confirmatory message or not, you can be sure of the success of the recharge by checking your account and recharge history.

Using retailer’s Apps is better as you can simultaneously conduct different types of online activities. Retailers also reward their customers by offering them discount coupons and cash back offers that are linked to usage of other services from the App. Remember to use home screen lock on your smart phone so as to limit accessibility of unknown persons to Apps and data stored on your handset.

Tech-savvy or not, use the internet technology to stay connected with friends and family!

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