Quizistan – The Best Free Android Quiz Games Available in Play-store

We all love to play games and are sometimes addictive to them. They are great time-killers. But have you ever imagined of games as an easy way to make money online.

Trivia Quiz Game Download

Well! We’re probably not talking about a ton of money but it’s possible to make a little cash by playing and winning Trivia Quiz online.

There are many easy money earning Game Apps for Android, one of which is the new online quiz game Quizistan.

If you are sitting idle and are trying to pass the time then Quizistan can help you in utilizing your time in making some extra money. It is one of the best Earn Money Apps for Android which can be used to make an extra income in your spare time.

The app is absolutely free on Google Play Store and App Store, with no hidden fees. You can easily earn money by completing quizzes that allow you to test your basic knowledge of a subject. As soon you answer a question, you’ll earn money according to your score and rank.

To get the payment done, you just need to create an account, verify your identity by submitting your PAN card and connect your bank account.

Quizistan allows you to start making savings right away by playing this Easy Earn Money game every hour.

If you are one of those people who can pull useless piece of knowledge from out of nowhere, you are probably the one who would want to download this trivia quiz game. This free gaming app serves up a bunch of rapid fire quizzes and brain storming challenges.

A player can choose a topic of his/her choice, each topic has 8 questions which should be answered in 10 seconds each. The player with highest score and rank makes the most money while the remaining amount is divided between the remaining players.

As you have only 10 seconds to answer each question, so there’s no time to Google anything. Each time you play, you get to answer unique questions. We make sure that no question is repeated ever.  No matter you get an answer right or wrong, you are never eliminated from the game at any point of time. This means, you are always in the game whether you answer a question or not.

It’s very easy to play Quizistan by installing it from the Google Play Store for android users or App store for iOS users. Once you are done with installing the app, choose a game to play. You can register for a game anytime of the day but will be able to play it only once it is live. Play the games to earn real cash which can be used to pay for your movie ticket, a drink, lunch or making a payment at a salon etc.

For now, the prize money is paid by transferring the money to the users account but soon you’ll be able to receive it via Paytm as well. Minimum withdrawal required to get payment in your account is Rs 30, which is the best thing about this game.

Hurry up! Download Quizistan from the Google Play Store and start playing now.

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