Recharge, reenergise: The best mobile offers

Does your service provider routinely pitch mobile recharge offers? If they don’t, you need to switch to Airtel. This article explains why.

As a mobile phone user, your basic expectation from the connection is that it helps you stay connected without any stutters. Your phone assumes a lot of importance especially when you are travelling and need to stay connected with your family back home. In return for being a good customer who always recharges on time, you expect that the service provider would regularly incentivise your phone use with good mobile recharge offers.

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But does your service provider offer you good mobile recharge offers, or indeed, any sort of incentive? Most providers only have an online interface over which you can recharge the connection. If rewards like cashback points, or a free recharge matter to you, then you must take an Airtel prepaid connection.

Why switch to Airtel prepaid?

It’s not just about getting regular mobile recharge offers. As a prepaid phone user, you have the right to demand a reasonably priced plan, sufficient data and a longer pack validity. Airtel prepaid ticks all these boxes for you.

Though every mobile service provider in the country has a multitude of prepaid plans for you to choose from, only leading providers like Airtel have plans that are worth considering.

Airtel prepaid has some of the lowest priced prepaid plans across providers, with a host of beneficial offers. You get anything from 1 GB onward in terms of daily data – that’s a lot, even accounting for your daily video streaming, chatting, social media usage, general surfing, etc. Plus, Airtel has always-on network connectivity, even if you travel from one city to another. So you never suffer from call drops or network outages. Besides, Airtel offers the fastest surfing speeds across all service providers today – take the Ookla Internet speed test for your Airtel prepaid connection to confirm this.

Some of the benefits of Airtel prepaid

  • Airtel prepaid has multiple prepaid plans, all priced affordably and packed with many benefits.
  • Try the popular Rs 495 one, with 84 days’ validity, with unlimited STD and roaming calls (both incoming and outgoing), 1 GB data, and 100 SMSs per day.
  • You can easily recharge the Airtel prepaid connection using the myAirtel app, in just a few steps. Avail of exciting mobile recharge offers at the time of doing the recharge.
  • The myAirtel app lets you pay utility and postpaid bills, and also do the DTH recharge.
  • Start by buying a new Airtel prepaid connection choosing a suitable plan for your city of residence. You can do the monthly recharge after installing the myAirtel app on your phone, or using the Airtel website.

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