Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: The Future Of Android Smartphone

Samsung bet big on innovation and look forward. Along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the flagship of South Korea launched what would be a more daring variant. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, the first marketable smartphone of Samsung to feature a bent screen on the right.


Although at the time of its departure of this innovation of South Korean Giant, it was not expected that Samsung would market it worldwide. Yes, the Galaxy Note Edge is “bold” very innovative and changing the user experience regarding the dogma we currently have.

This smartphone is only a Galaxy Note 4 with internal configuration but with the screen by one of its curved sides, allowing us to leverage one of its edges and turn it into a bar with features and shortcuts. It has the best market specifications not lack anything. A screen with a high resolution, the latest Qualcomm processor and one of the best cameras on the market make the phone as high-end.

More precisely, we will have a screen Super AMOLED 5.6 inches with a resolution Quad HD, processor 805 Snapdragon Qualcomm, a memory 3GB RAM, the typical graphics processor Adreno 420 and considerable battery 3000 mAh. When we said that the best the market and response has not lied. Among the technical specifications of the Galaxy Note Edge did not miss anything remarkable at fault. Maybe certification of water resistance and a lighter weight but the size does not help to reduce its weight.

At the physical section, the design of the device, it offers sensations when grabbed for use. Here we find a smartphone made ​​of metal at its edges and in its plastic back cover, as it is usual at the Samsung smartphone. The plastic found on the back cover has a touch that simulates the leather to give better feel to the hand. As for the border around the entire device is manufactured in aluminum so to grab noticed the cold metal while the robustness and quality feel. With the exception of the right edge the rest almost reminiscent of its brother, the Galaxy Note 4. The button layout changes because of the curved screen that takes away one edge of the device. Now we have the volume control on the left frame and the release button.

In the bottom frame will have two noise-cancelling microphones, the microUSB port and the S-Pen. In the top frame we have port 3.5mm jack an infrared laser to control the TV, microphone noise cancellation and the lock button. Back of the device, made of plastic itself, but what is? From top to bottom we have the camera, LED flash and the heart rate sensor. Below silkscreen brand and near the end, the speaker is present but its position is not interesting. Even if you have no protrusions to clogging, the quality is reduced if you place the smartphone on a table. Samsung should work on this problem, as fans would not like to see this in Samsung Note Edge 2.

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