The 5 Most Common Smartphone Failures

If your smertphone is in the middle to high end price range, you are the proud owner of a very complex piece of electronics, and although they are very reliable, things can go wrong. Losing your mobile device, even for a few hours, can leave you totally lost, especially if you are a mobile business person who runs their empire using this essential device. Here are some of the more common causes for a smartphone to malfunction, in no particular order.

  1. Screen Breakage – Even with the tough and durable glass touch screens that we use today, a breakage can easily occur. Even a drop from as low as one metre could result in a screen cracking or breaking, and if that doesn’t happen, the chances are the screen will pixelate and then it has to be replaced. If you happen to be a Londoner, there is affordable smartphone screen repair at Earls Court, so you can just jump on the underground and be there in a jiffy.

  1. Device Overheating – If you left your smartphone in the car during a hot summer day, the chances are the device would cease to work. Anything over 45°C is dangerously close to causing a system failure, and if your device is showing signs of overheating, power it down and leave it for at least 30 minutes. Extreme cold will also have an adverse effect, and this could occur at -10°C, and any lower, the phone will cease to function. Although it does get cold in the UK, you would have to leave your device in the freezer overnight for it to cease working.

  1. Water Contamination – Perhaps the number one cause of a breakdown, electronic devices do not like water, and if your smartphone is dropped into water, switch it off, remove the battery and immerse the device in uncooked rice, which will gradually suck all the moisture out of the phone. Failing that, there are mobile device repair centres in most UK cities, and an online search would give you the nearest location.

  1. Software Failure – Software might be reliable, but it is not infallible and sometimes the device will freeze, which is a sign that there is a conflict somewhere. Often, a user will mistakenly delete a system file, and similar to a PC, the operating system is unable to boot up if there is anything missing.

  1. Malware – Your mobile device needs just as much protection as your laptop, as any device that can connect to the Internet is at risk of cyber-attack. If your phone is not working properly and you think you might be the victim of a virus, take the device to your nearest device repair centre, and they can reinstall the latest operating system package, although you might lose some critical data, so creating a back-up now is a good idea.

If your smartphone ever malfunctions, source a reliable and efficient mobile device repair centre, and if you work in the city, you can drop off the phone in the morning and collect it on your way home.


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