The Best 3 Video Downloaders for Android Platform

9Apps.How is it possible to download videos from an Android phone on to your SD device? How can you go on to save the videos on to your phone gallery? These are some of the common questions that you might come across on the various platforms on the internet. As more and more people end up using smart phones there is an urge in order to be installing a free YouTube downloader for an Android platform. Let us now flip through some of the popular Android video downloading apps which can be downloaded from 9Apps.

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It is one of the frequently searched apps for downloading videos on the internet. On to your device you can download videos at high speed apart from superior quality. It not onlygrabs videos from YouTube, but also from a host of social networking sites.

In case if you are looking to download music files the better option of downloading MP3 file is provided. When you are installing this app on your device you need to be careful about the permissions it asks as safety seems to be the number one priority.

Once you are trying to download this app you need to be aware that this is not available on Google play store as there are a number of fakes on the internet. A better option would be to download it from its certified website.


A simple interface provides thumbs up to this video downloading app. You will figure out that all the features are arranged in a proper manner, though the user experience is good in spite of the ads there. Since all the operations are straightforward anyone using the app would have minimum level of difficulty. It goes on to do a good job when you are trying to download videos from YouTube pertaining to various resolutions and formats.

A major advantage of this app is an in built browser you can steam videos from a host of supported sites. With the help of this app you do gain access to a host of sites basically meaning short cuts to the sites. Just you need to copy paste the YouTube URL of the site for better viewing.


As far as saving videos on your mobile device is concerned you cannot ignore Vidmate. The latest version of Vidmate 2019 is a cut above the rest in terms of security and features. Once you download videos from this app you are presented videos of top notch quality. In addition the videos of the app are classified in the form of top rated, coming soon and popular.

In addition to this the app provides you with an opportunity to pass resume or restart the download option as per your choice. Since the downloading process takes place at the background you can use the other apps.

The reason being since YouTube is strict of not allowing any videos to be downloaded this feature of downloading has been removed from Google play store. The app can only be downloaded from the official site.

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