The Best Ecommerce Web Hosting

Great website hosting is vital for any website. But, if you are planning to start an Ecommerce store, your whole business will rely on it. Even more, every online store has unique needs, which the regular hosting packages rarely meet. You will need to be aware of the various hosting features your Ecommerce website needs. That way, you will be able to operate your online business smoothly. offers discounts and coupons throughout the year, as well as great web hosting services.

Hosting for an Ecommerce Platform

When setting up your Ecommerce website, you will have the choice of platform. Currently, the most popular platforms are Magento and WordPress. These two platforms come with various extensions and plugins, which allow the users to make feature-rich, attractive and user-friendly online stores.

However, the platforms have their hosting demands and challenges, which you can handle by selecting hosting packages designed for the platform you select. Dedicated Magento and WordPress hosting will offer computing resources, server configurations, and the performance the platforms require to function optimally.

Hosting Services That Fit your Technical Skills

For user satisfaction, you must maintain and update the products you sell regularly. This might involve various elements of technical skill. To do that, you will require access to the hosting account, control panel and the platform. allows that!

Again, selecting a platform on which to build your Ecommerce site is a vital decision. One factor that has made WordPress and Magento so popular is that the two platforms allow easier creation of websites, without the need of any coding skills. You can hire someone to build the website. After the initial creation, you can easily update the website and add new products and content and adjust prices as needed.

Ensure the Package Offers Adequate Storage

Ecommerce sites are different from the average websites and therefore require more storage. When setting up the site, you will need a separate webpage for every product you plan to sell. You will need to provide the product description, the specifications and some viable customer reviews.

Moreover, to catch the attention of more customers, you will need to add several images for every product. Remember that every image has a variety of sizes, including thumbnail, large, medium and the full-size. If you are planning to sell at least 250 products, it is suggested that you store more than 4,000 images. When choosing a package, check whether it provides exactly what you need.

Security for Your Customer Data

The security for customer data is a top priority in the world of Ecommerce, and you must comply with these regulations. For example, if you are planning to accept credit cards, you have to comply with the standards of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The web host will play an important role in helping you keep the website secure and stay up to date with online business standards.

Technical Support

The web hosting service provider should offer technical support throughout the day. You will likely face some technical challenges with your online business, and it is imperative that any issues are managed promptly and properly. Some of the things that might necessitate technical help include installation of conflicting plugins, accidental deletion of files, or infected files.  A top notch web hosting service provider, like, will be able to solve such issues at any time!

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