Thrill your Family and Friends with a Smart Robot from Ozobot

It’s incredible to see how far technology has evolved. It seems just about everyone today has a smartphone or sophisticated electronic device to browse the internet or get information in an instant. But if you want to open up a whole new world of entertainment and enjoyment for you and your kids, you need to check out Ozobot. This incredible company makes and sells interactive robots that defy everything you’ve ever thought about a robot toy. Coming in several different models and types, you’ll amuse yourself with hours watching them and playing with them.



 The featured robot Ozobot offers is Evo, a small robot that moves on its own around flat surfaces in your home. You’ll be enthralled with what it can do. Evo moves and makes noise on its own without your intervention. It also comes with LED lights, meaning you can play with it in the dark. It even comes equipped with infrared sensors that keep it from bumping into objects. If you prefer, you can disable Evo’s autonomous movements and control where it goes with your smartphone or other device. The robot comes with a special surface, known as a playfield, where it can move and play.


 Want to add a little creativity to your play? Bit is the perfect toy for a child or even for an engineering-minded adult. When you purchase Bit, you are in charge of its creation. With this toy, you do the assembling and building. You can go for a simple construction or something a little more complex. Even more intriguing, you can program Bit with features. The programming aspect is out of this world and easier to use than you might think.


 The ultra-popular Avengers characters from Marvel can come to life with your Ozobot robots. The company now offers these superheroes for purchase and play. Similar to the other robots, the Avengers move and act on their own, or you can control where they go and what they do from your own electronic handheld device. Using color codes, you can decide how these robots function and interact with one another. If you’re an Avengers fan and a lover of robotics, you’ll be all smiles about this combination. Avengers characters available are Captain America, Ironman, Hulk, Black Widow and Ultron. Not only are these toys fun to play with, but they incorporate beginning- and intermediate-level programming techniques to help develop your skills. You might even discover you have the aptitude and talents for a new career.

Accessories Galore

 There’s much more to Ozobot than a few products. If you really want to get into these robots, you can go online and order additional products and accessories to enhance your play and experience. The robots’ movements are based on color codes you can create. If you want to step your robots’ capabilities up a notch, purchase some additional markers and construction kits.

Connect With Friends

 Find other people around the world and share your experiences and news with Ozobot. It’s easy to go online be part of a community of users.

There’s nothing quite like building, programming and playing with these robots. You and your children can be opened up to some amazing fun and education.

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