Tips to Reduce the Tension After a Feisty Argument with Investors

DSC 1303You can’t expect a business proposal to run smoothly. It might not end up with the result you wanted. Even if the presentation part was great, you will still entertain questions and defend your proposal. The investors will scrutinize you and make sure that they’re making the right decision. It’s understandable for them to be tough because they don’t want to lose their money.

Even if you feel insulted by the line of questioning or the manner of asking questions, you have to stay calm and collected. You’re trying to win the hearts of these people. You can’t allow your emotions to prevent you from achieving your goals. Besides, it’s possible that you misinterpreted the people in the room.

Once you allow yourself to respond in an impolite manner, the question and answer session will turn into a heated debate. The room will start to become tension-filled. If you feel that way, it means something has to change. Remember that the investors aren’t only judging your ideas. They’re also looking at your personality. They don’t want to partner with you if you’re not the type of person who can work well with them. These tips will help you break the tension and display a good personality.

Crack a joke

You argue with the investors to defend your idea. It would help if you didn’t take anything personally. Once the conversation starts to heat up, you can crack a joke. It means that you want to end the awkwardness. You’re also displaying a different side of you. Remind them that you’re just passionate about what you want to happen, but you’re still a good sport.

Accept the suggestions

Some investors might appreciate your effort to defend yourself and your ideas. It shows that you understand the issues well, and you’re willing to fight for what you want to happen. However, it would help if you also showed that you’re ready to accept suggestions. It means that when you commence your partnership, you won’t only insist on what you want. These people are placing their money on the line. They will have a say once they become your partners. If you don’t show your openness right from the start, you’re not giving them a reason to partner with you. Besides, accepting suggestions isn’t a sign of weakness.

Pause for a while

If you can’t think clearly because you get overwhelmed by your emotions, you need to pause for a while. Perhaps, you can go back to your notes or go over your slides for reference. You may be wrong, and you just need a moment to realise it. You might also want to check your AV media cabinet to pretend that you’re fixing a technical issue even if there isn’t one. The goal is to relax for a while since you can’t control your emotions.

There are many ways to prevent tension from escalating. It’s a test of your character and your ability to work under pressure. It would help if you showed that you’re capable of doing it since you will face more challenges along the way.

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