4 Signs You Need an ID Card Printer

Do you still get your ID cards and smart cards printed by an external company? Many organisations continue to rely on an outside source for producing these essential identity cards. This works well for some organisations, but others would benefit from taking control of their printing in-house. Read on to discover why you need to consider purchasing an ID card printer for enhanced productivity, efficiency, and security. 

In-House ID Card Printing

Companies use ID cards to control access to buildings and rooms. ID cards are essential for simple visual assurance about who has authorised access to a workplace or space. They are also vital for running staff discount schemes and to prove age or work title. Most companies start by using an external printing company for their ID cards. But as their requirements evolve and they look to save money, an increasing number of businesses print their cards in the office. 

An ID card printer is a straightforward piece of technology and looks like a standard paper printer. It has easy-to-use controls and can be configured to suit an organisation’s specific needs. 

Here are the signs businesses need ID card printers UK suppliers can provide.

  1. You Don’t Want to Wait

ID card printers deliver cards when you need them, while you wait. You can print on demand without having to place an order and wait for delivery. This means you can make cards for visitors and produce ID cards for temporary staff. If you have a regular need for new cards, invest in a printer to make life easier and your premises more secure. You can also purchase rewritable cards so you can reuse cards when staff or visitors leave. 

  1. You Want Consistent Quality

Many people think that you only get high-quality cards when you go to an external company. But ID card printers on the market today deliver outstanding results at a low cost. If you want high-quality prints, you need to invest in one of the newer model printers. You can rely on high standards no matter how many times you print. 

  1. You Need More Security

There’s a potential security risk when you give guests visitor passes or temporary ID. Insist on the same levels of security and access control for all staff. To do this, print ID cards on-demand and ensure each person has the correct card on entry to your building. ID cards improve security in an organisation and printing your own ID cards makes it easier to keep track of who is authorised to be in a certain place.

  1. You Want to Start a Reward Scheme

Design your own cards to start a membership or reward scheme for staff or customers. Using your own ID printer gives you flexibility and freedom to update the design of the card at certain times of the year or for special promotions. You can print different cards for different levels of membership. Personalised cards are also useful for cashless vending. 

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