4 Website Design Tools which will be Successful in 2018


Web design industry is one of those industries which derived through the time. One thing that affects the web designers most is time and no one can do nothing about it. With every passing year, the analogies and the trends change too. Those designers who do not keep themselves updated with the time always failed to get the bigger paychecks from the clients or to join the best companies of website designing in UAE. That is why the importance of being updated is imperative and critical for the website designers.

By keeping the importance of web design trends and transformations in consideration, I am writing this article in which I am going to tell you about those four website design tools which will be successful in the next months of 2018.


The Wix is one of those platforms that have made web designing as easy as dragging and dropping the object. It is the website building platform that offers all the features of complicated websites such as registration forum, website designs, website administrations, modifications and sitemap too. The Wix is so simple that by using only the mouse, anyone can build its own website. All the person have to do is to operate the GUI interface to create a website. With the tool like Wix, anyone could develop its own website with little knowledge of web development and designing. But if you are already a designer, then you can unleash its full potential which is why I believe that will be very successful in 2018.

2.    Mockplus:

The Mockplus due to all its features is considered to be the best prototyping tool. With the Mockup, you can design the entire sketch of the website and can alter it too according to the user’s and client’s needs. The best thing about Mockplus is that it is not only limited to the website designs. You can also design whole mobile applications and different types of software mockups too. They recently cut down the cost of their premium account and got some great response which is why I believe this tool has great future ahead and deserves a place on this list.

3.    Squarespace:

This is another tool which was built by keeping only one thing in mind and that was zero technicality. The major reason why digital industry and web designing is triumphing is that there are people who are making this job easier for the other people. It is like everyone is working to help everyone and in the end, this industry is the winner. The Squarespace is the perfect example of it. With this tool, you can keep your technical cap on the side and only have to wear the designing cap in order to build your next website.

4.    Figma:

This is more a UI designing Showbox for pc windows 10 tool rather than a proper website designing tool. But surprisingly most of the web designers are using this tool as their primary source for designing the UI of websites. With the three brilliant features of real-time collaboration, vector networking and the version control, the Figma is surely going to win this year.

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