Why You are Overdue to Purchase a New Office Phone System

image1 6 1Your company’s phone system is the beating heart of your business with the ability to move things along at a pace that gets things fired up or a pace that slows things to a deathly crawl. Unfortunately this integral piece of hardware is overlooked because it is thought to be outdated and having lost large parts of its value.

The truth of the matter is that new phone systems are actually a major part of what has been pushing the most envied businesses to new heights and the features now available on todays’ best phone systems can do the same for any business.

If you are not gaining market share, profits, efficiency and effectiveness because of your phone system, then it is time you understood that you are overdue to purchase a new office phone system.

The new phone systems are called Hosted PBX or VOIP systems, and they allow any size business to enjoy the same amazing features as companies with thousands of employees at a fraction of the cost of setting up a traditional PBX systems. There are numerous benefits and here are the main ones.

Low Set-up Costs / Easy to Relocate

Installing a phone system in your office is thought of as an expensive and labor intensive job. It requires that intricate hardware is placed in some other out of the way location in your office, and each handset must have special wiring from the main unit. This is typically an all-day task that disrupts your office. Additionally you must know the exact amount of handsets needed because the system must be configured to that exact amount. The cost for this set-up can run into the thousands of dollars.

Hosted PBX phone systems are not only faster but much less expensive to install. These systems do not require any equipment installation at your business. You only need to purchase a router and the exact amount of handsets you need. The technician will then connect them into an internet connection and you have a phone system. As such when you relocate you only need to grab your handsets and plug them in at your new locations and you have a working phone system.

More Reliable / Low or No Maintenance Costs

Your service plan for the system is covered in your monthly fees and since there is no PBX main unit in your office maintenance is restricted to your handsets and router which have high degrees of reliability. All other maintenance is done on these virtual phone systems at the provider’s office, with no cost due from you.

Easy to Scale Up as Your Business Grows

Perhaps the best back-end feature of hosted PBX is that they can easily grow with your business. You only need to purchase new handsets, any upgrades are handled at the host office.

Every Feature Your Business Needs

Businesses no matter the size can indulge in a wealth of features rivaling large companies. Here are a few of the most valuable:

Auto-receptionist – Small companies cannot sometimes hire a dedicated receptionist. With this feature you can use an automated menu to direct incoming calls to anyone at the company.

Call Forwarding: Call forwarding is a critical feature for keeping your business moving. You can forward calls from the office or on the road to an in-office extension and even to a cell phone.

Call Labeling – Lots of small companies would love to create different departments within their businesses and use their limited staff to answer calls based on them being directed to these departments. Hosted PBX has this feature allowing you to maximize your existing staff.

Call Monitoring and Mentoring – The only way to train new employees or to find out if there are problems with employee / customer contact is in real life situations. Hosted PBX allows you to listen in on calls with employees and even give them directions while on the call. The person on the other line cannot hear your input.

Hosted PBX also excels at features for on the road employees. All of the features listed above are available to all employees whether in the office or in the field.

A hosted PBX system can make a huge difference in the success of your business!

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