5 Games Guaranteed to Addict and Educate

Educators have known for some time that interactive games can be used as a teaching tool. In many cases, they hold the attention of the independent learner better than other methods, and they can be used to teach nearly any subject. Today, individuals of all ages play games on their smartphones, tablets and personal computers. Below are five of the most addictive and educational games currently available for one of the most popular platforms: the iPhone.


SimCity Deluxe

SimCity Deluxe is a strategy game in which the player’s actions control the outcomes in a fictional world. Players can build their own cities, manage projects and transform a barren region into a thriving metropolis. This game requires a significant amount of planning and follow through. Players much maintain their cities to achieve success. Cities that are ignored will die. SimCity Deluxe teaches many of the skills commonly utilized in management or human resources.

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand is an inexpensive game that teaches the user the basics of economics. Players are responsible for running a lemonade stand while dealing with obstacles such as price inflation, traffic jams and bad weather. This game is perfect for players who are considering a career in business. Though the game is simplistic in nature, it helps users learn the fundamental concepts of selling a product and earning a profit.

Trivia Burst

Trivia burst is a quiz game that features over 18,000 unique trivia questions. Not only does this game teach the player interesting trivia, but it also allows players to add their own questions to the database. As players spend time playing Trivia Burst, they earn points to spend on

Idle Hands

Idle Hands is an addicting game that helps users learn to type more quickly on the iPhone. The game tests the player’s current typing skills and provides training to improve them. Many players notice that their typing is faster and more accurate after only a week of playing the game. Idle Hands is perfect for anyone who uses the iPhone to text, email or chat. It is especially beneficial for users who aren’t experienced users of the virtual keyboard and would like to become more proficient.

Brain Challenge

Brain Challenge is an engaging game designed to challenge memory skills and reflexes. The game includes a large number of brain tests that evaluate and improve the player’s memory over time. Brain Challenge is effective for players of all ages, from the aspiring student to the busy professional.

These games represent only a small sampling of those currently available for use on the iPhone. Games are available to teach virtually any skill, from basic math to complex business strategies. Considering the trend for students attending online universities such as American InterContinental University has been on the rise. Staying up to date with both education and technology might prove to be very useful. Users can play educational games while waiting for an appointment, eating lunch or during downtime at the office. With so many options, any iPhone user can find at least one educational game to enjoy.

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