5 tips of finding the best SD card for your phone

Not all of the most popular mobile phones (Samsung, etc.) have enough internal memory – namely that is the reason why many seek for ways to put more important information into this device. Additional micro SD cards, enabling to significantly increase the memory of your phone, may be the way. What you only need to know is that high-quality operation depends on several different aspects – what should you consider while looking for the best SD card?

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  1. Make sure that your phone supports these cards. In some cases phone manufacturers decide that the memory available in the device should be completely enough for the user and thus do not integrate an SD card slot. Therefore, before you start looking for the best option, make sure that you will actually be able to insert a card into your mobile. In this case you should consider not only the maker, but also a specific model: although it might seem strange, even some of the Samsung models don’t have that function.
  2. Find the capacity that fits your needs best. That is another important aspect, which also depends on the possibilities of your device. If you’re sure that your mobile phone supports micro SD cards, that is not all – the specifications should also indicate the maximum capacity. Of course, you may always choose a smaller SD card (they also cost less), but you will never be able to integrate a larger one.
  3. Choose the type. This choice will depend on the card capacity and your device, but in any case it is useful to know the major differences. SD cards are the oldest and simplest, and the chances of encountering them are gradually decreasing, because they usually fit phones that were made at least a decade ago. These items didn’t exceed 2 GB. The most popular choices today are SDHC (4 – 32 GB) and SDXC (64 GB – 2 TB) cards, which mainly differ in their capacity. Both types of the best micro SD cards for an attractive price are available at e-shop.
  4. Pick your speed class. This choice is truly yours: the class you choose will determine how fast the card will be able to process (read and save) your data. It’s easy to understand this system even without getting deeper into the numbers – the larger the number, the faster the micro SD card. We should also mention the UHS class cards, which are currently regarded among the fastest, while UHS III are perfect for even 4K devices.
  5. Put your price ceiling. The value of these items usually depends on all of the above-mentioned aspects, particularly the speed and capacity. Thus, if you search for the fastest and best micro SD card, you most likely will need more cash for that. For this reason we recommend to define your future budget in advance, to narrow down your search and make it faster. Of course, don’t forget the quality – it is often recommended to weigh the prices against the average price of the best-known manufacturers.

Although it might seem that a micro SD is a small purchase, picking it might involve considering numerous criteria. Nevertheless, if you follow all of these tips, your pick should satisfy all of your expectations.

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