A Gadget That Can Save You from A Number Of Diseases

We all are aware about smoking and its demons but still we smoke just for our taste buds. We smoke to feel a stimulating feeling thinking that it will reduce our stress and anxiety but it actually increases it.

It causes the following things to our body and to us-

Cancers- Smoking leads to cancers. At one time, cancer was associated with death as nobody recovered from it but thanks to modern science people do live after fighting cancer. Smoking causes cancer of the lung, throat, mouth, pancreas, kidney, bone marrow.

Heart diseases– smoking drenches blood i.e. body doesn’t get proper oxygenated blood to function increasing heart attacks and other heart related diseases. It can also thicken your blood vessels and making them narrower, leading to increased heart beats and high blood pressure. Sometimes clots may also build up.

Chronic bronchitis- it means recurring coughing which is caused by heavy smoking with increased phlegm.

Paralysis- smoking can cause strokes at a younger age together with peripheral vascular disease which is a condition where arteries are blocked even leading to amputation.

Diabetes- heavy and excessive smoking may also lead to diabetes.  Diabetes greatly affects the immunity of an individual making him/her more prone to diseases. It also makes diabetes harder to control.

Others- it may cause respiratory problems like breathing, coughing leading to tuberculosis and finally death.  It is one of the major causes for infertility in women. Especially pregnant women should avoid smoking; it can affect the fetus (death, weight loss of fetus).  It can affect gum and bones of teeth. Smokers might get asthma as well.

Skin- smoking greatly affects the skin, making it dry with patches. It can cause acne, wrinkles, dark circles making smokers look elder than their age. It could also lead to psoriasis.

Now here comes the question, what do we do then?

Quitting smoking is not an easy task instead an alternative was introduced to help smokers reduce the risk associated with smoking i.e. electronic cigarettes. It could be termed as gadgets. These are battery operated filled with e-juices and e liquid producing vapor instead of smoke. There is a win-win situation for smokers as these are cost effective as well. These are replaceable and refillable as well cutting down the rising costs of smokers providing them with same stimulating experience as if they were using traditional cigarettes. The extra benefit is they do not produce tobacco so they are harmless.

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