All you need to know about NDT Services

Nondestructive testing is used in various industries to test various kinds of objects without breaking them open. As it does not damage the product, it is highly effective and cost-effective. The NDT is done with the help of sound waves and electromagnetic radiation.

Nondestructive testing guarantees the safety and reliability of the products. There are various methods used for the NDT some of which are mentioned here –

Acoustic Emission Testing– Basically, in this testing, they check for the sudden outbursts of the ultrasound emitted from the cracks. It is even possible to detect the ultrasound even before the cracks appear.

Electromagnetic Testing– In this method, a magnetic field or electric current is passed through the part being tested.

Ground-Penetrating Radar- this method sends radar pulses through the object. The waves reflect or refract when they hit a buried object inside or another metal with different electromagnetic properties.

Laser Testing Methods- Laser testing is done to check the changes on the surface, which have occurred due to the heat and pressure.

Leak Testing- This technique uses a large tub of water, and then the object is placed in the liquid to determine the leaks of air from the object.

Magnetic Flux Leakage– A powerful magnetic field is created, and the steel block is saturated with it. A sensor then checks the reduction in magnetic flux, which shows the lack of material at a place.

Microwave Testing- This method uses microwave frequencies that are transmitted and received by a probe. This tests dielectric properties like holes etc.

The liquid penetrating test takes a liquid with less viscosity than the test sample, and then it is let to flow through the sample to test the cracks and holes.

Magnetic Particle Testing- This NDT method uses magnetic fields to test the irregularities in or near the surface of the ferromagnetic materials.

These were some of the methods for NDT testing by NDT companies. There are many more methods, but for starters, they are all you need. NDT is one of the best methods for quality checks of the product without opening it. We can see abnormalities under the surface which are not visible to human eyes. NDT has proven its worth and stands behind all the Morden marvels on the planet right now.

The use of NDT is increasing daily as its applications and knowledge about it is increasing exponentially. The main field which we can relate to the NDT is construction.

When you use iron rods in the construction of your house, imagine if they have air pockets inside them, which are not visible to the human eye, but it can damage you and your loved ones. Here comes the NDT for the rescue. We can see the impurities and abnormalities inside the surface. 

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