Effective Banner Advertising Tips to Get More Sales

In case, you are hoping to increase online traffic with advertisements, then you should ask yourself about what exactly is banner advertisement. Web banner ad focuses on systematic building of effective web banner advertisement through implementation of explicit design guidelines.

Online banner advertising companies in Dubai find banner ads as one of the prolific forms of marketing in the modern-day world. The companies utilize them in one or more form as they are affordable, effective, and scalable in term of increasing brand awareness. However, you can design and build banner advertisements that will bring more clicks. Below are the factors you need to consider when offering online banner advertising services to clients across the globe.

Company logo and value proposition

A company’s logo is must to include when creating brand awareness from a reputable logo design company in Dubai. You need to make sure that creative online banner advertising is commanding enough to attract viewer’s attention. However, it should not be overshadowing the call to action option on the banner.

A value proposition can highlight service product that you offer and can attract attention using catchy and persuasive offers. You can create banners with phrases like, “50% off “or “Limited Time Period Offer”. It will consume much of the space in an ad and will serve as the primary focal point of the viewers.

Call to action

Call to Action serves as the text or button that can make users click immediately. Adding a CTA button is very important in order to allow the viewer’s to take the desired action. Moreover, it also increases your sales if you have an appealing banner with an easy CTA added to it.

Phrases such as “Get Started,” “Learn More,” or “Watch Now” serve as perfect examples for call to action. You need to understand that a CTA button acts as a focal point of an advertisement. It should be readable and written in bold to act as a focal point for the viewers.

Simplicity is the key

Remember, simple and decent things are always liked by the viewers. Do not clutter your banner ad with too much details as it would confuse the audience negatively affecting your brand.

The viewers will only take a look at your banner advertisement for a short period of time and their first glance will tell them if it’s an eye candy to them or not. Make sure your content is concise and it’s aesthetically pleasing to your potential viewers.

In case you are going to use your banner ad, you need to place them after your copy on bottom right side, with contrasting colors effectively. However, you should always keep them consistent throughout set of advertisements.

Have a defined frame

People tend to see subject inside a frame first. If you wish to create an effective banner advertisement with a defined frame and amazing graphics, then you have to think smart and put things intelligently. For example if an ad is white, it’s a common practice to place a 1-pixel gray border around the advertisement.

Moreover, you can utilize imagery and choose relevant visuals that can refine a message and are related to your product, disregarding the abstract concepts.

Choose appropriate colors

Color plays an important role while designing any kind of online advertisement. Every color has a unique association with mood and emotions and it is vital to consider the types of emotions you want to trigger for the viewers.

Make sure you choose appropriate colors according to your target audience. Color selection plays a key role in changing human perception as well. So, choose your colors wisely.

Final words

Summing up the above tips, you can easily create an effective online banner advertisement for your brand. These tips will definitely get you more leads and boost your sales if you plan them out intelligently. A smart brain and a strategized approach can earn you the desired results.

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