How Technology is Shaping Modern Businesses

We are living in a time that is ever-changing. Technology impacts our lives in more ways than one. It’s also causing significant shifts in the business landscape. It’s safe to say that given the recent technological advancements, there will be radical changes in the way people conduct business.

New Marketing Approaches 

In the past, people rely mostly on print advertising. Companies like JJ Bender have been popular because they sell used printers that provide an affordable way for small businesses to market their offerings. These days, however, while print is far from being dead, people are utilizing alternative approaches, especially in the form of social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others, are providing new platforms for businesses to reach their customers.


If your business still wants to capitalize on print, which should complement social media and new marketing tactics, JJ Bender offers affordable printing equipment that you might want to check out. Even experts would surely agree that traditional format like prints will always have its place.

Changes in Business Communication 

Internally and externally, technology is changing the way people communicate. With mobile technology, business communications have experienced a paradigm shift. Skype, for instance, make video conferencing possible, making it easy to meet with people in other countries rather than having a face-to-face conversation. Intranet, on the other hand, improves internal business communication. Rigid structures have been eliminated and it’s now easier to engage employees through providing better communication channels.

Making the Market More Competitive 

Among other technologies, the internet makes it easier for small businesses to compete. Through an e-commerce platform, for instance, sellers are able to offer their products without the need to shoulder hefty costs. There is no need to establish a physical store that customers can visit. With a website and an online presence, you will be able to make astounding sales, as long as you utilize the right techniques. There is endless potential for small players, making it easy to penetrate even the international market.

Business services are now easier to outsource as well. In fact, you can survive even without having full-time employees working in a physical office. You can hire services from countries with cheaper labor. The internet is going to make all of these things possible.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

 Another thing that technology can do is to improve customer satisfaction. One of the ways by which this is possible is through accessibility. It’s now easier for customers to reach businesses. Whether they want to buy a product or lodged a complaint, online platforms will make thing less complicated. On the part of the businesses, on the other hand, it becomes easier to answer to the customers. Platforms like Facebook chats are making this possible.

As a business, you have two options – ride with technology or be left out. It’s undeniable that technology is changing businesses, and hence, the better option is to ride with it and to adopt new business perspectives to keep up with the changing times.


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