SEO for all bloggers- Apply the best approach for blogging

You are perhaps a professional blogger and have created a separate website for blogging. However, lots of bloggers do not know the right ways of getting fast SEO results for websites. They are now aware of all the strategies for marketing the blogs in an efficient way. Another notable fact is that some bloggers have not attempted to update their website. So, make the best effort and utilize our SEO guide for improvement of your blogging platform.

Structuring your URL for the blogging site-

Most of the bloggers choose such URL that they can remember it very easily. However, at the same time, it needs to have relevance to your blogs. But, one question arises on the bloggers’ mind- Should they include keywords in their URL. The experts like SEO Shark usually recommend that there would be no negative effect if you can use these words organically. This may surely help you in getting fast SEO results for websites. No matter whether you have used the keywords for URL, you need to ensure that the page has become comprehensible.

Post blogs on all the social networks for improving your online existence

You perhaps like to use Twitter or Facebook for the connection of the present customers and the potential ones. So, these platforms may also become the best sites for promoting your online blogs and for enhancing your online visibility. On your blog page, you can also add separate buttons for sharing on the social platforms. The readers, who like to share these posts, may click on your button. But, you have to make that your blog content is of the highest quality to attract a reader’s attention.

Description for your blogs-

Have you allowed Google to get your online blog? You may think it to be highly evident. However, in most cases, you ignore it. Many bloggers do not know that this permission is essential so that Google can crawl any website. Add a description of the blogs to accomplish this task.

Give everyone a chance for subscribing the blogs-

You have to add RSS buttons so that all the viewers may have the options of subscribing the blog posts. When you post anything new, the subscribers will get that news instantly. They do not need to visit your website every day. But, still, you can maintain a contact with them regularly.

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Submission of blogs

You have done everything for optimizing your blogs. And now, you require submitting those blog posts in any search engine, like Google. Webmaster tool of Google is helpful for the verification of all your blogs. It is also essential to have well-indexed blogging site. Moreover, you will be able to make out all the issues of blogs, such as, improvements of HTML and inappropriate links. Thus, before making the ultimate submission, you have to settle these problems. The sitemap and ownership of your blogging website can also be considered for verification.

Thus, follow these tips for getting fast SEO results for websites. You have to do lots of things to reach the blogs to several viewers in the online world. Just as any website owner, a blogger should also focus on professional SEO solutions.

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