How to Check Domain Authority Using Contconcord?

Domain Authority 1

A high DA means your site is more likely to rank in search results. Many people do not realize that a good website can still perform badly in SERPs. You need to optimize your site and pay attention to all of the SEO best practices listed above in order for your site to be a top-ranked result.

Different Aspects of SEO

Many people use Domain Authority as an indicator of overall SEO strength for a given domain or URL and therefore seek ways to improve their DA score if necessary. One common method used is checking out the competition!

Importance of DA

Before you begin any optimization efforts, it can be helpful to gather some Intel on who your biggest competitors are and where they excel online from both an organic & paid perspective – this includes their Domain Authority tool! To do so, the Contconcord DA tool is used, which allows you to analyze any competitor’s website (including backlinks). Let’s get started:

  • Navigate over to
  • Type in your competitor’s full website URL into the “Enter Site Address” bar, then hit “Check”.
  • If you want detailed information about specific pages on your competitor’s site
  • If you want to see a list of all of your competitor’s backlinks, add more links to your competitors in the same tab.
  • Once you’ve clicked on their website in the overview results, you’ll be taken to a page with detailed information about that site.
  • Under the “Overview” tab, there are several metrics shown – we’re most interested in the following: Total Organic Traffic (the orange bar), Competing Pages (underneath organic traffic), and DA Score (left column). The higher each of these numbers is for your competitor, the bigger challenge they will likely be for you organically.

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