Marketing Strategies: Boosting Business Revenue Through Content Writing

Marketing Strategies

When it comes to improving business sales, one of the most common and effective strategies you will hear about is to plan out the SEO of your website – and most of the organic traffic on your website tends to come from high-quality content.

According to a survey conducted by the State of Inbound, more than 40% of the website sales have shown a massive increase due to the rich and original content on their webpages. Your viewers need to stay on your page – and the best way to do that is to engage them in the content they might be interested in. In other words, content is the most crucial asset of your business success.

The best way to understand how to use content marketing services for your webpage effectively is to connect with professionals who know the ins and outs of content writing. In this case, that professional is none other than Rifat Ahmed, who is known to be a highly acclaimed writer and manager at the prestigious content marketing agency, Deftyled – a company that was named on Best Startups Asia’s list of top 101 advertising companies in 2021.

Raised in Bangladesh, Rifat is one of the few people who understood the value of written content in any business marketing strategy. He writes for Cyber Barta, Green Leaf Air, and the Business Standard. Additionally, he is also an esteemed member of the Cyber Crime Awareness Foundation that is actively working on cyber seminars/events and conducting research on Cyber Crime.

Rifat has discussed the value of content writing on many occasions. Original and high-quality content that you make for your website has a higher chance of remaining longer in the index of search engines. So whenever you are writing content for your business blog or website, the content with the ideal keywords will captivate your viewers for a longer time and influx organic traffic to enhance your sales. Hence, it is essential that you should pick the ideal content writing service for your business needs and follow the strategies written below to boost your sales.

Content Matching Audience Needs

Before writing anything, you need to think about who your audience is and whether your content will make them approach your website or not. For example, if your company is offering services in consultations or finances, the sound of your content should be formal and contain statistical information which will peak the interest of your readers. And if your content is more based on conversational topics, your content should have an informal conversational tone.

Customer Feedback

Many online business owners and blogs tend to conduct user activity, surveys, feedback forms, and many other methods that allow them to gather customer feedback and opinions on a particular service or product.

This feedback is crucial for businesses as it helps content marketers create necessary content that is required by the readers. Additionally, the gathered data is also important for business owners as it can give them an idea of how their audience feels about their product or service, and the answer they receive will help them improve their service even more.

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