How To Clean The Interior Of Your Car?


 Experts recommend cleaning your car’s interior once a month to never allow any dangerous germs to settle in. And if you’re a frequent driver, you’ll also need to do a very thorough interior cleaning every 3 months.

 For a proper cleaning process, you’ll need a good vacuum cleaner with an extension hose and some attachments. Then you’ll need various cleaning products for plastic, vinyl, upholstery, carpets, and glass.

 When it comes to wiping and polishing you’ll need different types of towels and soft clothes. And for hard-to-reach places, you can use various brushes.

How To Clean The Interior Of Your Car

You can start the cleaning process by emptying the trash bin and the removable carpets. If your carpets can’t be easily removed, you’ll have to clean them last. This is because cleaning the rest of the car will inevitably create a mess. Remove all floor mats as well.

 Vacuum your seats thoroughly and clean them appropriately. You’ll need different cleaning agents depending if your seats are vinyl, leather, or upholstery.

 Vinyl seats are the easiest to clean and leather needs a polished finish. For upholstery seats, you’ll need a stain removing agent and use as little water as possible.

 For windows and mirrors, you can always count on a good glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Be extra cautious if a mirror is tainted.

 The dashboard can be one of the hardest-to-clean places inside your car. Make sure you vacuum all dust and that you can clean everything. And be careful when cleaning the console as it’s usually a nightmare to clean.

 A can of compressed air and a long brush can help you clean the air vents in no time. And when it comes to door panels, make sure you properly clean the cup holders and other compartments.

 If you have problems with bad smells, you should look for a good odor removal product.

You can use a complete car detailing kit which contains all the products needed for an excellent job.


While it may seem like a nightmare at first, cleaning your vehicle will become much easier over time. It’s even easier if you do a quick cleaning every month. If you drive often you should do a thorough cleaning process every 3 months. But if you’re a regular driver, once every 6 months is enough.

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