How To Watch The 2018 NFL Super Bowl Online

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There is something very satisfying about being in the actual stadium to watch the Super Bowl. However, for reasons we all understand, most of us will not get that chance. Instead, our options are limited to cable subscriptions and online streaming. Nevertheless, this is still a win as long as we get the chance to enjoy all the live action. Streaming technology has come a long way, and we’d be remiss if we missed out on any of the action just because we couldn’t make it to the stadium. This article explores a number of streaming options for the 2018 NFL Super Bowl.


NBC has exclusive rights to offer full coverage of every second of the Super Bowl action. You can either stream the action directly through your browser or download the NBC app. Either way, you get a fair share of the best gaming live action of the year.

Fox Sports GO

Fox Sports GO is yet another excellent streaming service with exclusive rights to cover the Super Bowl. As with NBC, you can watch through the website or download the app. Unlike the NBC, however, you will need to subscribe to the service before you gain access to watch the live event. Fortunately, there’s an easy workaround for this technicality. Instead of streaming directly from Fox Sports GO, you can use a third party such as Sling TV, to access the Fox Sports GO live stream of the event. Sling TV itself requires that you subscribe, but they offer a 7-day free trial. All you need to do is time it right, and you can gain instant free access to the event of the year. Regardless, Fox decided to stream the entire event for free in 2017, so you might still be in luck.


BBC is yet another excellent streaming choice for the 52nd edition of the Super Bowl. You can watch the event through the BBC iPlayer. This service is available to those in the UK.

Seven Network

Australians aren’t left behind in the excitement. Seven Network, one of Australia’s biggest broadcasting networks will offer free live streaming of the entire event.

Why you need a VPN

The necessity for a VPN is primarily for those outside the US, UK, Australia, Canada and other places where there is a broadcaster with the live stream of the event. However, anyone watching the Super Bowl online should opt for a VPN subscription.

Bypass geo-restrictions

A VPN allows you to bypass geo-blocking and access geo-blocked content. For instance, usually, those outside the US would not have access to NBC content. However, using a VPN, you can select a US-based server and gain instant access to that content. This is the best option for those traveling or in areas without access to Super Bowl live streams.

Online privacy and security

More so, a VPN protects your identity and information online. Hackers will most definitely be looking to take advantage of the Super Bowl to steal your personal or financial information. They can do this by hacking the broadcaster’s servers or by creating fake live stream sites. Either way, a VPN protects you by encrypting your information and ensuring that it remains hidden online.

Streamlined connection

Because of the massive amount of network traffic that will load network servers, there is bound to be a network issue during the Super Bowl. You can’t truly enjoy the event if all you keep dealing with are lags and disconnections. Using a VPN allows you to cut through all the noise. It stabilizes your connection, circumvents network throttling by your ISP if implemented and guarantees that your viewing experience remains as excellent as it should be.

The Takeaway

A VPN is an essential tool to subscribe to if you are hoping to watch the 52nd edition of the Super Bowl online. You should also be aware of all the authorized broadcasters to avoid falling for fake live streams created by hackers to take advantage of you.

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