Link Shortening Tools: Improve Your Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate strategyMarketing eats up the majority of any business’s costs.

It’s not surprising to see 30-50% of a business’ budget spent get spent on advertising. And when spending so much, you have to track results.

You need a way to gauge the click-rates and effectiveness of each advertisement.

This is something that an unlimited URL shortener can help you with.

URL Shortening: Analytic Functions.

URL shortening isn’t just about decreasing link size. It’s also necessary to track click rates.

Many short URL service providers add analytic functions to shortened links. Every click you get gets registered.

So you can better track the performance of your advertising.

Over a long period of time, analytic functions help you tell effective from failing ads. Adding an analytic programming to short URLs eliminates advertising that doesn’t get clicks.

Thus, you end up better optimizing the quality of your advertising.

Who Can Use a Link Shortener?

Anyone who makes their income off click-rates.

Affiliate marketers can make use of link shortening tools. When affiliate marketing, you make money per referral who buys an advertised product.

As a result, you’ve got to market products that will get demand.

With a link shortener, you can keep track of different affiliate products on your domain. You can quickly tell products that make you money, from products that do not.

This saves you time creating content.

You can spend time releasing posts on social media relevant to successful products. And you can avoid creating content for products that don’t sell.

Create Better Content With a URL Shortener.

When we speak of content, we don’t just mean videos and articles. We also mean social media posts, regardless of size.

When throwing a link in any post, it has to be short. And it has to not mess up your content’s looks.

So besides creating profitable content, URL shortening respects a post’s look.

Let’s get back to affiliate marketing for a second. Part of successful affiliate marketing includes email marketing and social sharing too.

When marketing on those platforms, your links must be short. And they must not indicate that they’re affiliate links…

Because some natural links do that.

By shortening an affiliate link, you do not indicate that you make money off it. So you’re link won’t get rejected by customers.

They won’t feel forced to click the link, just to make you money…

Shorten Links – Improve Affiliate Marketing.

Without a short URL service, you are wasting time and money. And you’re investing your marketing budget into stale (and ineffective) methods.

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