When eTaaS Is the Right Way to Go for Software Development

Nearshore software development is so hot right now that American software companies are racing to open nearshore operations in Mexico and points south. iTexico is a company built largely on the nearshore business model. Yet they take nearshore development a step further with something they call ‘extended team as a service’ (eTaaS). Their eTaaS model is unique in a lot of ways.

The eTaaS concept is built around helping customers expand their own in-house IT teams on an on-demand basis by bringing in extended team members through nearshore outsourcing. Customers contract with iTexico to have a dedicated extended team at their disposal for a certain amount of time, giving them the additional resources they need to complete mission-critical projects without the hassle of having to recruit and hire new staff.

iTexico believes there are multiple scenarios in which eTaaS is the right way to go for software development:



Company IT departments have a certain amount of work on a day-to-day basis. However, most of those IT departments also need some degree of flexibility. There may be a special project that comes up, a project that requires a bit of extra effort and perhaps some additional resources as well.

eTaaS can meet the temporary needs of the special project by extending local teams. When the project is complete, the extended team goes back into iTexico’s labor pool to be assigned to another project for another client. The client comes out ahead with a completed project and an in-house IT staff that doesn’t have to be trimmed.


  • 2. When Time Is of the Essence


There are times when maintaining a competitive edge demands getting to work on software solutions as quickly as possible. These are times when companies do not have the luxury of embarking on the long and tedious hiring process. With iTexico’s eTaaS model, they don’t have to.

iTexico employs more than 100 English-speaking technology pros with multi-platform development skills and extensive in-house and external training. They can assemble extended teams in a comparatively short amount of time, enabling the client to get to work and maintain that competitive edge.


  • 3. When Company Reputation Is at Stake


Fully outsourcing software development is always a risky venture regardless of whether nearshore or offshore solutions are sought. It is risky because a company is turning over a given project to an outsourcing partner, thus putting its own reputation on the line. If the outsourcing partner fails, the company’s reputation could be damaged.

iTexico’s eTaaS model is different because it does not surrender control of software projects to an outsourcing provider. Rather, eTaaS acts as an extension of the client’s existing software development infrastructure. Extended teams come on board as remotely located teams that enhance what the client is already doing rather than replacing it.



  • Is eTaaS right for your project?



The eTaaS model is a unique way of looking at the outsourcing picture. iTexico is making it work for clients both in the U.S. and abroad. Is it right for your company? It really depends on your software development needs. One thing is clear though: nearshore outsourcing is being counted on more than ever to keep up with the demand for development teams.


Nearshore outsourcing is in the process of overtaking offshore for software outsourcing. The benefits of nearshore are clear: fewer time constraints, better cultural affinity, and lower costs. Whether the eTaaS model becomes a major player in nearshore or not remains to be seen. It has been very good for iTexico thus far.

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