Significance Of Securing Archived Emails

Email can be said as one of the best tools that are widely used for communication across various organizations of the globe. Yet, there are a number of questions about the confidentiality and security of emails. Storing and archiving important mails is an essential part of security. Email archiving has become a very important part of proper functioning of enterprises. Securing archived email allows users to store and monitor data. The emails are stored in a well organized manner so that authenticated users can access them easily. Cloud email archiving solution providers play a very important role in securing archived emails. They provide a number of tools and technologies that help them in recovering and collaborating data in an efficient manner. Apart from archiving emails, the email archive solution providers have the capability of storing different types of content like contacts, instant messages, calendar, as well as organizing them effectively.

What is Cloud Email Archiving?

Emails have become an essential channel for communication. In order to provide faster correspondence in any geographical area with minimum effort, companies use email as the primary mode of communication. One can find almost all the crucial and important information of a business in its emails. Since, the emails are a good substitute for proper business documentation, the information that is passed through correspondence should be recorded. An email archiving system extracts the messages and contents from the emails automatically and stores them in read-only format. This process ensures that the records are maintained intact. There are a number of reasons for email archiving, some of which are – regulatory compliance, litigation support, knowledge management, and store management.

Continued Access

In a recent survey, it was found that a corporate user sends 100 emails per day on an average. Sometimes, the number even goes beyond a hundred. In this case, it becomes difficult for companies to provide proper security to their emails. It is very important for companies to archive old messages in a user-friendly format, so that users can access them whenever required. Since managing the systems with easy retrieving of emails without compromising the guidelines and compliance of the industry seems to be really challenging. Cloud based email archiving becomes the first choice for companies to store the emails.

Archiving Benefits

Cloud email archiving is one of the most important methods of securing archived emails. In this process, the inbound and outbound emails are transmitted from the main server of the company to cloud based archive through a safe and secured gateway. Some of the benefits of cloud email archiving include – smart and instant data recovery, e-discovery abilities, unlimited data storage, simple and easy to monitor. Sometimes the business owners may come across a number of legal suits for not complying with the security norms. In such situations, cloud email archiving solutions provide a service called e-discovery to resolve the issue in an efficient manner.

So, if you are seeking for securing archived emails, then cloud email archiving is the best and most effective tool. One can easily manage hundreds of accumulated emails and protect them from data loss, virus attacks and other issues.

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