Things You Should Know About Smart Parking Innovations and Solutions

It is vital to use technology so that you can improve your daily life, and not just for entertainment and fun.

Therefore, innovation is vital for numerous industries that surround us especially parking because every single year the number of cars is increasing as well as drivers, while roads remain the same and parking systems cannot accommodate everything.

At the same time, one of the biggest reasons for traffic chaos happens is because people are cruising around in search of a space. According to statistics, people that live in London spend 90 days on an annual basis looking for a vacant lot.

You probably did not know that in the United Kingdom there are more than 27 million cars, which requires the same number of parking lots and much more.

Apart from that, when you add the tourists and people that do not legally live and still drive, the number reaches 39 million cars that require parking daily.

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Therefore, the need for a change inthe parking industry is mandatory, so numerous companies started to create innovations that include connectivity and the ability to check the free lot by using a native app.

  1. Smart Parking Innovations and Solutions

We have to start by saying that sensor-based technology became a necessity in modern vehicles, and since town planning became more intelligent than before, officials began implementing smart parking innovations and solutions.

We are talking about the process that will define how significant towns across the world will develop and create simple ways to park by using the internet of things.

These innovations include adding sensor-based technology that can accommodate thousands of devices that are installed all across the globe. These wireless technologies include parking sensors, dynamic messaging, and the ability to park in facilities with automatic valets.

This particular change in the parking technology will create an ability to check in real-time whether some lot is empty or not, which will reduce the roundabout time you will spend in search for it.

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  1. Large Towns and Major Cities

We have mentioned above that innovation will firstly enter in significant cities, and in the next few decades, every single town will adopt smart and wireless technologies that will reduce the time spent in traffic.

Innovation has a little to do with parking itself, but more with providing real-time information on how to use specific facilities and how to find the closest lot based on your current location.

For instance, they will use the wireless transference of data, sensors, and cameras, as well as in the future planning of towns, so that you can get the real information based on the current situation that happens across the city you are in.

  1. Valet Parking Systems

In some cities across the globe, you can find smart valet services that will pick up and park your car without any additional problem. Yes, we are talking about robot valet parking that will pick up vehicles and place them inside the outdoor park without human factor.

The answer lies in the idea that people are still not trustworthy to leave their cars in the hands of a machine or robot.

However, in the next few years, you can rest assured, becausethe future will bring the possibility for you to enter the automatic towing device that will park and deliver your car when you want it.

Even though it sounds like science fiction, this particular system includes the ability to take and return the vehicle, while removing the need for human factor and increasing the space that you can use as an owner of a garage.

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  1. Innovative Concepts

When it comes to the future of innovations that will happen in this particular industry, the idea is to implement smart technology so that you can improve your general enjoyment.

Imagine that you can always ask someone such as a personal assistant in the car similar to Siri or Alexa, and this voice assistant will help you get to the closest lot without spending hours cruising around.

At the same time, the payment concepts will change as well, because if you do not have spare change, you do not have to get to the closest store so that you can break the money and get it. In some cases, you will be able to pay for it by using convenient and fast manners.

For instance, you can expect to see contactless payment without searching for coins at the bottom of your bag every single time you find a space.

You can combine parking sensors with a voice assistant and your mobile device, and you will know where, how, and why to leave your car at a specific location and pay by using wireless transaction from your banking account.

  1. Parking Apps

Since we live in the world and era in which everyone is using smartphones so that they can remain connected wherever they are, the average citizen requires the ability to connect to the native app so that he/she can handle everything without any additional hassle.

Therefore, you will get the rise of parking apps that will help us find the empty lot, pay for everything, but the process has to include the entire towns and using smart sensors at each lot so that you can get real-time information wherever you are.

These apps will also allow you to make payment beforehand so that you can rest assured and avoid looking for a change. You can also update the amount in case you wish to remain longer without getting a ticket.

Some apps can quickly tell you how to find the closest space and guide you by using GPS so that you can reach it in a matter of minutes.

These apps will be highly crucial for the future needs, and even though you can find them today, in the future they will be much more convenient to use and faster in the long run.

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