Top 4 Things to Keep in Mind before Registering a New Domain Name

The Domain Registration Process

If you’ve ever been on the internet and are slightly capable of visiting a website, you will know that they all have a name that ends with either a .com, .net. or .org. Yes, there are tens of other endings for a website, but the name or phrase you type in before the ending is what is referred to as a “domain name”. For example, when you visit, “google” is the domain name and because the Google corporation owns it there is no way for you to have a domain name exactly like it. For that reason, in this article we will be discussing the top four things to keep in mind before registering a new domain name.

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Top 4 Things to Take Care of When Registering a Domain

If you’re new to domain names, purchasing, and publishing a website stick around because this article will have some useful information. If you already know everything about domains and websites please don’t read further, you will only waste your time. Now, let’s talk about the steps you will need before you even purchase a domain:

  • Know the reason for the domain
  • Know the places to purchase it from
  • Play around with names
  • Google the names you’d like to see if they’re taken

You need to know the reason for the domain. Is it going to be for a blog, for a corporate website, for an online store?

Once you know the reason you will have to research all the places you can buy domains from. Some common ones are and Play around with variations of your name in order to find the shortest and best name for your specific cause. Finally, to make sure that the name is available do a Google search to see what comes up and/or go to the domain provider and search for your domain there as well. If it’s available purchase it and follow these tips for newly registered domains.

  • Buy the other domain names: .net, .org, .info, etc
  • Start getting your social media usernames
  • Enable domain ID protection
  • Set the domain to auto-renew

These four tips will ensure your domain name is protected and will allow you to own the other ones for your branding strategy. Whatsapp Status If you set it to auto-renew you won’t ever have to worry about someone else purchasing it once it expires.

Things You Need to Do Prior and After Domain Registration

In conclusion, in this article we discussed the topic of domain names and what you need to do prior to, and after you purchase a domain. We also gave a few tips for newly registered domains. You need to do some research to make sure the domain you want is not taken, but if it is it may not even be published on a website. There are domain name brokers you can contact who can get you a good deal with the seller so that you can put it to better use. Finally, make sure to protect your domain and auto-renew it so it remains yours forever.

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