Why Leased Lines are Your Only Option

Business success is all about making the right choices at the right time. Today, technology is inevitable; you need to keep updating your services to fit competitive needs in your field. Leased lines are the best internet option for a business because of its synchronous structure. The consistency of speeds from both sides is crucial to the efficiency of communication. Leased lines offer more than effectiveness; you have multiple communication options including video calling and VoIP, which is integral for any business.

Why leased lines?

If you rely on real-time applications for your business, this is the best or only option. E-commerce is an inevitable trend in the business industry; it is not only important for you to match and go beyond your competitors but your customers are also demanding the convenience of accessing your services. Video calling as an extension service for leased lines is also becoming popular because of its cost-effectiveness and reliability. If you intend to establish your offices in other locations or to international levels, which is the primary goal of any business, the leased network is no option.

The synchronous connection is beneficial, especially if you are accessing business systems through the cloud. There are various types of leased lines, suitability is dependent on your nature of the business and individual preferences. Consider investing in the internet as a solution to your business needs; this is why you need to consider the following options while matching to your business functions.

Fiber Ethernet

You have probably come across relating service providers; it is the most popular type of Ethernet circuits. The copper cables can either run underground or overhead; it all depends with the structure of a place and policies of your local administration. Fiber Ethernet offers reliable download and upload speeds; it is capable of dealing with huge data and high bandwidth. If your business runs on real-time applications or cloud-based application, it will serve efficiently. If you think an interruption in internet service will significantly affect your business, you should go for this service because of its reliability. Once it is set up, your business will run throughout with no connectivity hitches.

Point to point

Leased lines also use this structure to convey internet services. This is the most suitable option for connecting offices in different locations. If your priority is on speed and secure data transfer, this is the best type of leased lines for your business. Point to point connection is not only secure but also fast. The upload and download speeds go up to 10 Gbps. If your key services are centralized, point-to-point is your best option. Different users can access all resources from their respective locations without delays or inconvenience of travelling or calling. The speeds are incredible. Everything you need for a business.

Generic Ethernet Access

In this case, a fiber cable runs from the street to your premises. The distance between your offices and the main fiber channel often determine installation costs. GEA can also be referred to as Ethernet over fiber to the internet (EoFTTC). The source on the street is known as the cabinet where connections to different premises emerge.

It is one of the common technology used by a leased line; the upload and download speeds range at 20mbps. Although user number is not limited, 20 users are advisable for maximum speeds and experience of individual connections. It is considered a hybrid internet solution because of the merge of fiber connections and point-point technology. If your business frequently communicates overseas or runs heavy applications that require heavy bandwidth, EoFTTC is a great option. Also, you have an option of running Hosted Voice (VoIP) with this leased lines technology. It offers more than the basic internet operations for a business.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

EFM is a suitable option for your internet connection. It is common in places where fiber cables are not available. Because of restrictions of terrain and policies of a local administration, fiber optic cabling may not be possible. EFM entails conveying signals through the copper circuit, which is considerably superfast. The upload and download speeds go up to 35 Mbps, which is enough for a business setting. The priority for a business should be connection reliability. An interruption in internet services can cost your operational hitches hence financial loses.

The copper wires are connected directly to an Ethernet Daisy core network, which separates individual connections. You don’t have to worry about speeds with this technology because your speeds are not shared. Just like other packages, the leased lines are available in packages on basis of speeds. It offers a symmetrical and fully controlled bandwidth. This ensures smooth running for real-time applications including video conferencing and VoIP. While it is common as an option to fiber, you can opt for EFM as a solution to your business needs if all you need is a smooth and consistent running of your video calls.

Although broadband is widely used, leased lines is the most suitable for a business. The speeds, security, and reliability of this internet connection type are incomparable. It also accommodates various other technologies. Find a suitable type basing on a compatible technology and business goals to enhance business performance.

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