Understanding The All New Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics was initially codenamed, Project Madeira. This is believed to be a business solution that promises to deliver a brand new way of managing certain business processes. This can also unlock any potential for all businesses whether big or small. If you want to learn more about this amazing product, then this article is definitely for you!

All About Microsoft Dynamics 365

MS dynamics 365 is an enterprise software platform that bundles the ERP, HCM, and CRM together with Power Bl reporting. This cloud-based platform functions as a unified streamlined package. Since it has the ERP and the CRM capabilities that are broken down into apps, it is designed so that users would be able to start only with what they need. They would also grow at their own pace where they can add new apps and functionalities only when they need them.

This is based on Microsoft’s cloud computing technology service, Azure. It can be provided as a software or as a service platform. This means that the Dynamics 365 can be accessed using a web browser instead of directly installing it on each computer. The fixes and maintenance will be done by Microsoft and changes will be applied automatically. Other than that, the Dynamics 365 can also be accessed anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

The Dynamics 365 can integrate with Microsoft products and can also connect to other third-party programs. Because of its capabilities and its scalable nature, this became a great competition of major names in CRM and ERP. Even though many of its apps are closely based on the other Dynamic products, the new apps are definitely not a replacement for Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, CRM, or SL. All of them will continue to be available. Just think of the new Dynamics 365 as an alternative to use and license different applications with extra functions.

QUANTIQ and their Microsoft Dynamics 365

When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics 365, QUANTIQ is one of the most trusted names, especially in the UK. This is considered as the UK experts who create seamless and modern organizations. They joined the G-cloud to increase their practice in the Public Sector. When it comes to modern technology, the public sector is the most affected. Through the years, the world witnessed how modern technology modified and impacted the public.

This is why modern technology is also important both in the government and public sector organizations. They need this to provide optimum assistance for society. They add value to taxpayers as they will have their data stored in a single location. In Microsoft Dynamics 365, QUANTIQ is the expert. They generate a unique IP for certain requirements in the Public Sector, Charity, Healthcare, and of course, the Government institutions.

This is important so that they can provide the efficiency of services that they offer to the public sector. So if you need an app that can help you transform the distribution as well as the administration of different care programs in the community, then you need QUANTIQ.

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